Friday, July 21, 2017


I remember when I was shopping for my wedding dress, I kept asking myself, Is this dress timeless? Will it hold up in twenty, thirty or forty years? I thought for sure when I bought my dress, it would stand the test of time – I would look back on the photos and be able to say that my dress would still be in style if I wore it years later.

The reality is that fashion styles come and go and the basics of timeless classics will continue to be modified decade after decade. The same is for design and décor.

Often when we take on large home design projects, we ask ourselves what the impact of the space will be down the road. Will the kitchen you put in today feel dated and old in ten or twenty years? Will someone walk into your house forty years from now and wonder where your head was when you chose your stainless steel appliances?

Here’s my thoughts. Design trends are changing faster than the average person looking to renovate their living room. Design firms are working with the latest technology to advance how we decorate our homes, new furniture styles and materials we use.

A few things we need to consider now for future design:

1.      Clean Lines
Clearly, the lines of decorating are getting cleaner and finer. Does anyone buy overstuffed couches anymore? Does anyone want billowing valances and drapes? Clean living, fresh and bright rooms marry our thoughts on how people want to live. People are looking to minimize the fillers in our food, and the same is with home design. Designing for the future is about creating spaces that allow us to breathe.  Designing a room with “clean lines” is a trend that I believe we need to hold on to and continue to push the envelope as other areas of our lives seek to that clean living also.

2.      Black and White

To me, black and white have stood the test of time. As a decorator and home design blogger, I always encourage my clients and readers to make sure they have something in each room that is black. Black is grounding. It balances a room.  Black and white décor has continued to thrive when home design and decorating surged. Today we see more people painting their walls white than we ever have. Designing for the future needs to carry the black and white trend as our rooms don’t always need splashes of colour. Some of the most peaceful and gorgeous spaces I’ve seen, showcase black and white and allows for the personal touches to shine.

3.      Personal Touches

Speaking of personal touches. The trend of showcasing our family, friends and places we love has always been. We want to personalize our home and create a space where we shine. We can’t lose site of personalizing our spaces in the future. In fact, I think it will continue to grow as our obsession with social media and seeing into eachother’s lives continues. However we showcase our personal touches in the future, we need to ensure the element remains.

4.      Technology

Obviously, technology has changed the way we design homes, rooms and live in our spaces. Even now you can buy a refrigerator that can schedule your day, talk to you, remind you and tell you that you’re out of milk. These advances are amazing. They are where we are going in design. We just need to remember that when designing for the future that we keep in mind the users. How will their lifestyle be affected? Families gathered around the kitchen island sharing a feast or snuggled up on a couch watching a movie. Let’s make sure that when we design spaces and products we create them for people. Not robots. Let’s continue to encourage families gathering, being together and loving the spaces they are in.

 As for whether my wedding dress will stand the test of time? It was gorgeous, it had elements of tradition and “classic” style. However, it also followed a trend that many brides were wearing when I got married 12 years ago.  The reality is that in 40 years, brides will be wearing a different style but elements of that dress will be found in the future of wedding gowns. The same is in design. Stainless steel appliances might not be what we put in our homes in 40 years, but elements of them will still remain.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader".

Keep it Beautiful.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Hey lovelies,


We all do it. #momsneak

Did you know that 58% of moms admit to sneaking in TV "me-time"? I'm shocked it isn't more?!??! Seems too low of a stat for me. Im all about the Netflix Mom Sneak. How else are you going to get in your fav shows? Honestly!

My fav #momsneak is while making dinner. Love it. Or, I've also sat in the car after getting groceries and watch a little on my phone. When you find that show you love, its addictive!

Here's what I'm sneaking right now-
Orange is the New Black (I'm almost good!)
Pretty Little Liars
Chef's Table
Hoarders - I'm addicted. I just am.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your #momsneak is

Keep it Beautiful.

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Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey lovelies. Happy Monday! I've got a room reveal for you today. You'll remember I shared the inspiration boards for our daughter's "big girl room" and the the new "guest room". It was the big swap-a-roo day a little while ago. The kids went up to the cottage for the night and Mr. Fix-It and I worked for 15 hours straight. Killer. Actually, it wasn't really that bad. We had tunes, we had food and we had beer. Now the rooms are complete and I'm excited to share our daughter's room today and I'll follow up with the guest room.

This is what the room looked like before. The guest room was bright and simple and it made me smile every time I walked up the stairs. However, it was time to go pink. 

About 7 years ago, I found this armoire on the curb. It needed a good paint job but it's housed the wrapping paper and my files for Keep It Beautiful Designs. It's quite large and weights a ton, so we just moved it around the room while we painted and then slid it on a towel over to the new guest room later. 

This accent wall had my girly glitter running all through my bod. How cute eh? We decided to add the bright pink to the window wall. One, it meant that we weren't staring at a super pink wall every time we walked up the stairs to the second floor and I just loved that it would be framed with the drapes and window bench.

The DRAPES.  They kill me in cuteness. Typically we need 95" length for the ceilings but these guys worked out fine being the standard length because I needed them to be shorter behind the window bench. I bought them at HomeSense. Our daughter doesn't seem to mind falling asleep without a blackout blind and I love the airy fresh feel of the material. Win!

Next up was putting together the bed. This is the bed that we ordered. It's gorg.

Add all the finishing touches...

And we have a perfectly girly room for our big girl. 

This is my Great Grandmother's mirror. We hung it low so our big girl can see her gorgeous self in that mirror every morning. I love that generations of strong women have looked at themselves in that mirror and I hope they loved what they saw.

This chair was Mr. Fix-It mom's. We've rocked all our babies in it and our daughter had only one condition for her new room - that the rocking chair goes in it. This little corner is a perfect spot for stories and songs before bed. A cute pillow and throw and she got her wish.

I took the same frames and photos from her nursery and just gave the frames a "refresh spray" (pretty sure that's not actually a phrase). I was going to update the photos but when I told her that she said she wanted to keep her baby pics in there.

I took this side table from our bedroom. Poor Mr. Fix-It now has to have his stuff on the floor ;) but really he didn't have much on there before. His phone while it was charging and his watch charger...that's pretty much it. So, it found another home. I really like how the shiny silver works with the gold. Don't be shy to mix your metal finishes. 

The light is from her nursery. It was the first thing I bought when I started decorating her baby girl room. Its from Ikea and ADORABLE. Really, what girly girl wouldn't want a tutu light? 
I've been holding on to these two pieces of art of A LONG TIME. For years, they hung in my parent's house and when they moved, I knew that they would be perfect in a little girl's room if it was ever meant to be. And here they are. They hang right beside her closet and you see them as you come up the stairs onto the second floor. 

I bought this shelf and these brackets from Ikea and of course, sprayed the brackets gold. Instant glam. The shelf holds a few of the breakable treasures she's made, as well as some of the treasures from my room when I was a little girl. I totally forgot to spray the screws, so a quick tip...just spray the end of a q-tip and dab it on the screws. 

Our big girl loves to dress up so this tiny corner was the perfect spot for a couple of hooks and a basket for her accessories. Remember when she broke her leg this winter? I placed her casts on a floating shelf here. I want her to remember how strong, brave and powerful she was during that time. She's little but fierce!

This dresser from Ikea fit perfectly in the space. It's feminine, solid and long enough to hold all her jewels and hair stuff.

So that's that. 

She loves her room. It's bright, it's girly, its fun. It's special. It's her.

'Scuze the blurry photo. She was moving fast when she saw her room for the first time :)

Next reveal to show you is the guest room.


Keep it Beautiful.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Remember the TV Guide? It would be tucked in the newspaper and every week my brother and I pulled it out to see if our fav shows were on the same time that week AND if they were new. Can you believe TV Guide is still around? Crazy. 

The only way to see your fav show that week was to make sure you knew what time it was on or to "tape" it. Another act that seems totally ancient and "taping a show" is completely foreign to my kids. I guess PVR is the next "taping" but even then, my kids don't even know what PVR is because we have basic cable and really what is on basic cable that is PVR worth?! 

Netflix has revolutionized how we watch tv. No longer are cartoons only on at 6am or Saturday mornings, they are ready to watch at anytime and anywhere. Honestly, God bless the afternoons where the kids need a break, I need a break and Netflix cartoons SAVE ME! However, there was something exciting about waiting a whole week for the new episode of your favourite show to air. A concept that seems weird to the kids.

Last weekend was the Great Glebe Garage Sale and Ottawa Race Weekend - my fav weekend of the year. Thousands of people embark on the Glebe in Ottawa and sell and shop for treasures. I set up a Keep It Beautiful Shop - PopUp Shop and sold my pillows, makeup cases and prints. 

In the afternoon we got the kids ready to run the 2km race. They were pumped and we were thrilled that they wanted to run the race to feel powerful and strong. 

The next morning, Mr. Fix-It was running the 1/2 marathon. He'd been training all winter (in so much snow!) and was hoping for a PB. However, Sunday turned out to be Ottawa's first scorcher of the season and he knew a few kilometres in that it wasn't going to be his race. At the 10km mark he decided to turn the race into something else and called our older son off the sidelines to run the last half of the race with him. 11km later, a very strong and tired father-son team crossed the finish line. Our 8 year-old had no idea how far 11km was, he didn't have proper running gear on, had only ever run 2km straight (the day before) and he didn't know the course. But, he knew his Daddy wanted him to run with him and they trusted each other. Melt my heart. 

Shortly after the race our older son needed Gatorade, food AND Netflix. He asked me if his legs were supposed to feel tingly. He was so tired! These are exactly the times that you need cartoons at the press of a button. When you need to chill out, rest your bod and watch your fav shows. 

Right now the kids are binging Nicky, Dicky & Dawn - it's like a younger version of Saved By the Bell. 

King Julien is another fan fav of theirs. It's actually pretty hilarious. Some of the jokes go right over the kids heads ;)

Mr. Fix-It and I just started watching the new episodes of House of Cards. Oh man that show is Ah-mazing! So twisted and so addictive. 

Orange is the New Black starts soon and we finished the new episodes of Scandal. Another binge worthy, wine drinking show that is available at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere. 

God bless you Netflix!

*Disclosure - I'm part of the Netflix StreamTeam and that allows me to share exciting Netflix news and views with you. And, ensure you're all as addicted to Netflix as I am ;) Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Can Netflix teach your kids values? Bold question really. Kids values are shaped by everything around them. As a mom, my hope is that their core values, what is deep inside them is nurtured from the beginning. At home. With their family. With their friends. However, their values will be tested and questioned as they grow. From who they hang out with to what they watch. The goal really, is to hope that nature and nurture work together to help shape their life skills.

I feel like just sitting down with your kids and watching the shows they love,  helps them feel like you are interested in the shows and that you love them too (even though sometimes I know you are counting down until you get to curl up with a new episode of Scandal). They feel connected to you. Sure, it's not the only way you should connect with your kids but it's an outlet of opportunity. Check out this cool social experience video showing teens and parents coming together over Netflix.

My kiddies are regularly watching Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh these days. There is a great episode about bullying on there. Honestly, that word makes my stomach turn. To think that your kid could experience such pain, makes my anxiety go through the roof. But, obviously talking to your kids about it, what to do and using any outlet to drill it home that bullying is wrong is crucial. Episode 6 of Home has a good lesson.

Have you watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix yet? I haven't and I'm avoiding it. Why? Truthfully, I'm not 100% sure but I know that when I watch it, there are stories in there that are going to wrench my gut, that will leave me tossing at night. I know that it's a show that's getting a lot of attention right now because its real. Teens struggle. The struggle is real. If you have watched it, I would love to hear your thoughts. I'll let you know when I do. I need to package my babies up in a bubble. As much as I want them to be successful and eventually leave the nest...I'm also okay with having them live at home forever. Um, sorta ;)

Here is a quick cheat sheet to use. If you feel like your kiddies need a refresher on something specific or a good lesson. Check these shows out...
Keep it Beautiful.

Disclosure: I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team. All my Netflix addictions are my own and I love sharing them with you. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that support this blog.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Decorating is fun. You know what’s really fun? Decorating a girl’s room. Even better, decorating it in the spring. Spring is one of my favourite times to work on the house. It feels so good to crack open the windows, organize a closet, open up a can of paint and give er. I can't be the only one that gets the spring DIY feeling because Home Depot, Rona and Lowes are packed on the weekends right now and I would say that the paint line and lumber lines are the longest. I digress ;)
Before our baby girl was born, our older son had his room (which then turned to the guest room, and now the big girl room), the guest room was now the boys room and the nursery was our middle guy’s.

Each time the rooms have been done, I flutter with excitement. When our baby girl arrived, we decided to put the boys in the bigger guest room and make it theirs

While I don’t think our middle guy remembers the process, both boys love their room. I remember that feeling as a kid. Feeling special in your bedroom. Feeling like you owned a piece of the house. It was your space. Fast forward to today, the boys are still happy as clams to be bunking together and they’ve line the walls with Pokémon and Star Wars posters, filled the toy bins with toys and junk – did I say that out loud?!..and made it theirs. 

Their special place. I love the room at the back. It’s an addition to the house and the windows overlook the backyard. The light is gorgeous and it’s the perfect spot for them to read and play. 

One day I’m sure it might be a space for a couple of desks or to house one of their beds when they decide to take down their bunks.
When our baby girl turned four last month, she all of a sudden didn’t feel so baby anymore. Her crib to toddler bed was jammed with stufties, there was little room for this growing girl to sleep and she felt too big for her nursery

She, like her mama is a collector of clothes, jewels and all round randomness. It was time for a bigger space for her. Time to get her organized. Enter in a project for Mr. Fix-It and I. Yes!
The only issue we needed to get around was that we needed to carve out the time to do a swap of the guest room and the nursery all at the same time. So, essentially we needed to do two rooms from top to bottom at once. Yowza. We needed a plan. We needed to buy everything, get organized and be ready to do a marathon swap. Oh and wipe away my tears as the crib came down for the last time. The dresser that had a facelift went out on the curb for someone else to use and love. Pass the tissue.
But on to new milestones. Enter in Big Girl Room and Guest Room swap plan.

Paint Colours - Benjamin Moore Cadillac Pink & Full Blossom (accent wall - all little girls need a fabulously bright pink accent wall). Finding a soft pink can be tough. A quick tip: go with a pink on the paint chit that is the lightest in it's row of colours. I promise you, it will definitely look pink. Otherwise, you may have an entire room looking like Hubba Bubba and not necessarily the look you want if you are looking for something soft.

The Bed - It's gorgeous. Jaime. 

I'm really interested in online mattress companies. Have you ordered your mattress online. I've been doing some research and the Leesa mattress has me intrigued for our master bedroom. 

Dresser, & Shelf - Flipping the shelf on it's side and making a window bench like I did for the boys.

Kitchen - Santa brought this a couple of years ago and I'm looking forward to moving it upstairs into her room. BTW, it's awesome if you are looking for a gift. It gets lots of play action.

The new guest room (old nursery) is the smallest bedroom. It makes a great nursery, a cozy guest room or an office. I new I wanted to paint it two of my fav colours. We have the colours in our living room, dining room and kitchen. The light is beautiful in the room so I knew it would be perfectly grey. The armoire for the old guest room was being moved into the knew room, along with the bed, the linen and all of our framed poetry. Have you heard of Matt Robinson? He's a incredibly talented poet in Halifax, Nova Scotia and his framed poetry will be moving from the old guest room into a gallery wall in this room.
So, you'll have to stay tuned next week for the reveal. Mr. Fix-It and I worked for 15 hours straight while the kids went up to the lake with my folks. We listened to music, cracked a few beers, ordered pizza and worked on the rooms. It's our thing. The look on our daughter's face when she walked into her new room was adorbs. 
Spring has sprung my friends and I would love to hear what your spring decorating, DIYs and organizing plans are. 
Can't wait to show you the rooms.
Keep it Beautiful.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

OMG…long time no write. Where did April go? Where did the end of March go? How is it already May? Dang time moves fast. Honestly. Work, the kids, activities, and just all round life has prevented me from connecting with all of you lately. Every night I’ve been collapsing on the couch around ten, staring at my computer and telling myself that I need to pick it up and connect. Connect with my blog, write what feels good and connect with you. But, at that time of night I just don’t have it in me. But, I’m re-committing myself to carve out time. Creating that space in the week.

I love blogging. I love sharing ideas, connecting with people that love beautiful spaces, love a fabulous recipe and love when someone shows you that it can be done while living the busyness of life. I miss you. I miss sharing my thoughts and ideas and sending them out into this little corner of the internet called Keep It Beautiful Designs. So here I am. When I first started blogging, I was determined to make a go of it. And I did and it grew into something that I had dreamed of. I dutifully followed the “blogging” rules that said I needed to blog 3 times a week to stay connected to my audience. I needed to get my voice out there in every corner of social media. I needed to attend every conference to figure out how to get ahead, to have sidebar ads that would generate the traffic. So many rules. So many rules that told me what I HAD to do to be successful. However, I’ve learned over the last five years that yes, when you first start a business it is hard. It takes complete 100% dedication to lift it off the ground. However, I’ve also learned that you don’t have to follow someone else’s rules to be successful. Blogging has changed. Social media over the last five years has changed and I believe that you can choose how you weigh in.
I have created a successful business. I’ve also learned to carve out my space. My rules. Sure, there are many opportunities I have had to turn down or wanted to do with my little slice of the internet, however I also have other areas in my life that I work just as hard at. I have a full-time day job that as I climb the ladder, puts more demands on me. I have small children, a husband, extended family, friends, fitness and the list goes on. Life is busy. I know you all get it. You all have the same, similar and more demands. But, I am truly dedicated to the passion of creating beautiful spaces. There is something about decorating a room in your home, setting a gorgeous place setting or finishing off that DIY that makes my heart flutter. So, I am dedicated to continuing to share my ideas and listen to yours. You have all been so dedicated to this blog and I thank you for it. I may not blog three times a week every week but it hasn’t stopped you from connecting with me, coming back and I thank you for that. 
So here we go. I have so many things to share with you. Baby steps. First up. Taking our baby girl’s room from nursery to big girl. We also have a bathroom renovation going on as we speak at the cottage and more.
Keep it Beautiful.
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