Monday, May 2, 2016

Personalizing Your Space with Canvas Champ

Most of you know that I love a fabulous gallery wall and surrounding my home in family photos. However, you know what I’m not good at? Updating those photos. It’s the classic first child versus third child syndrome. Most of the photos are of our older son and less and less of our middle and third children. Bad mummy. So, I'm on a mission to update the photos in the house and starting with adding udpated pics to the basement walls. 

Personalizing a space is the fun part about decorating. One rainy afternoon, I gave the kids a blank canvas, paint brushes and let them go to town. I told them their art was for the basement and they each decided to paint a rainbow, given the rainy day. They're in no particular order but you can likely tell who's is who's and I just love how they turned out. 
It was these three paintings that provided the direction for the finishing touches in the basement. They're whimsical, personal, colourful and made with love by their tiny hands. These are exactly the kinds of finishing touches that we wanted in our new space.
Over the couch, we added a picture ledge from Ikea with a few frames. 
We’re a beach-summer loving family so I thought it would be fitting to add in photos from our recent family trip to Mexico. 
However, I haven't decided which photos to put in all the frames, but I knew of one particular beach photo that needed a home on this ledge. It was one of those picture-worthy moments that was unplanned, natural and just happened. When Canvas Champ reached out for me to try out one of their photo canvas pieces, I thought it would be perfect for this photo.

It was really easy to navigate the Canvas Champ website. You click on the size you want or you can customize which is really great if you have odd measurements for the space.
Upload your image and then a feature that I really like is they show you what it will look like in a real space.
The prices are ah-mazing. I have some fabulouso coupon codes below. The product came quickly, I'm impressed with the quality and really like the wrap around of the photo. Some companies glue the design right over top of an existing canvas but this one is the real deal.
The orange in the boys shirts was the exact colour that I wanted to pop. Now the wall flows. The colours work well together, it's bright and my cuties look adorbs. Its a wall of love, a wall of them.

Even better, Canvas Champ is having a massive sale on right now. I mean MASSIVE. 85% off canvas + free shipping. Can't beat it!

Here are some fab coupon codes. Go get em! Personalize your walls, you'll love the result.

50% off on metal prints + free shipping over $25: COUPON CODE - METAL50

Free 16X20 canvas print: COUPON CODE - FREE16

Free 12X8 canvas print: COUPON CODE - FREE12

Free 8X8 canvas print: COUPON CODE - FREE8

Keep it Beautiful.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Netflix Siblings Playlist + a Fun Freebie!

Happy Friday everyone!

Netflix. I wanted to share yet another reason why I love it so much. Honestly, they get it. They just do. You all know by now that we are a Netflix loving and addicted family. We’ve actually reduced our channels to basic cable and Netflix has become how we watch tv shows and movies. Each night our three kiddies watch a show before bed and each night it’s the same fight between them of what they’re going to watch. 

Yup, these cuties are super adorable but when they can't agree on a show to watch...not so adorable.

 Enter in the best.idea.ever. 

Netflix Siblings Playlist. Can I get an amen? This month, kids can choose from “Tale of Two Distant Ages” playlist to the “Sugar and Spice” collection, offering something for every sibling squad to watch and enjoy together.  

  • Tale of Two Distant Ages – caters to your 5 year old and 14 year old.
  • Sugar and Spice – if one kid is sassy and the other is sweet. This is it.
  • Meet in the Middle Playlist – Deciding on a genre is hardest when it comes to watching together. From comedy to action, this playlist has titles that have a little bit of everything for everyone.
So it’s awesome. On school nights, each child has a turn and they get to pick from whatever playlist they want and what show they want to watch. It’s a one-stop shop because it’s taken out the stalling process where they get on each other's nerves trying to decide. Thank you Neflix!

It’s also not just for kids. Mr. Fix-it, my brother and sister-in-law and I are always talking about our fav new shows and its big time trouble if anyone leaks any spoilers. We’re no longer fighting over the remote, but championing our new fav Neflix show to get the other one hooked. It’s crazy this Netflix addiction.

This month the favs have been…
Broad Church – okay so this show is awesome. But it’s dark and twisted yet the acting is awesome and leaves you guessing till the end. Try it.

Downton Abbey – Season 5 has been released. Yes!

Time for the fun freebie.  Remember fortune tellers? 

I remember making these in class, although it was all about who you were going to marry ;) You can use it with your crew to decide what you’ll watch. 

Even better, I've attached a blank template for you to fill out your fav shows and play. My kids love the novelty of it and no more fights...well at least over Netflix ;)

Click here for the fortune teller that is already filled out.
Click here for the black fortune teller. 

Head over to my Instagram and see the fortune teller in action.

Keep it beautiful.

Disclosure: I love Netflix and you love Netflix. It’s a match made in heaven. As you know I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team and I love to share the latest shows and addiction with you. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fabulous Friday!

Happy Fabulous Friday. Hope you had a great week. Ottawa is finally starting to feel like spring. On Monday I was wearing my snow boots and today, the tulips are starting to peak out. It's supposed to be a gorg, warm spring weekend. Yes! It was my birthday this week so I’m not complaining about my week over here. I took the day off with Mr. Fix-It and we spent it roaming the Market downtown and pub-hopping. My parents came over for dins {Mr. Fix-It made it, which is so nice because he's not the cook in our family}. He apparently has something else planned for us tonight. He’s sneaky that guy J

Here has what has caught my eye this week that I think might catch yours.

One Room Challenge is back and I’m crushing on this home office inspiration

Is the warmer weather getting you excited for those nurseries to open? A few tips before you buy plants. 

A wish has a large impact on both the child their family. It can help strengthen their families, improve mental and emotional health, reduce the fear and anxiety among a wish child’s sibling and give hope, strength and joy to the child. There are so many ways you can be involved.

Ottawa families, mark your calendar for May 10-15th, the Ottawa Children’s Festival is a great event for families. 
The festival takes place at LeBreton Flats Park and its filled with music, theatre, dance and more. Its super fun.

According to the fashion gurus, sneakers and floral dressers is this year's summer combo. 

You guys always impress me with your DIYs. I started this blog in the hopes for others to feel inspired to create beautiful spaces, pick up paint brushes and feel house proud. A loyal reader Carlos, has decided to whip out his label maker, clean out the spice cupboard and doesn’t it looks fab? Clean & organized. He picked up this spice shelving. Great job Carlos.
And...Kelly and her hubby took a dresser they had in their house that was ready for the bin…sanded, painted, added some funky retro legs and hardware. Voila! Fresh, fabulous, sophisiticated. Beauty. I love it. Kelly told me that it's more greenish than yellow that's come out in the photo.

Please keep sharing your DIYs, makeovers & designs. I love seeing them and I'm happy to share them here.
This weekend I’m going to organize the front hall closet. You can’t even see the floor anymore in there. My kids are clearly sick of putting their hats and mitts in the baskets and throwing them anywhere in there. I don’t blame them, I’m sick of doing it too. With the snow gone “fingers crossed it stays that way” its time to take it apart, clean it out, find the floor and give the closet room to breathe. Are you feeling the spring clean this weekend?

Keep it beautiful.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easy & Delicious Homemade Granola

Hey lovelies!

Hope you had a great weekend. We celebrated our baby girl's birthday. She and 10 of her friends played, ate cupcakes, opened presents and she was so happy. Her party was adorable and her personality is infectious. Slow down time!

Sunday, I made up my fav granola. It's actually my Aunt Mary's recipe and its delicious. Simple, healthy and yum.
Usually we have a smoothie in the morning but I try to bring this as a mid-morning snack at the office. Granola, Greek yogurt & frozen mixed berries on top. By the time I eat it around 10ish, the berries have thawed and their juice is all happy with the yogurt and granola. Yummy.
That's it. Easy peasy. Our Aunt Mary is the fountain of youth and she eats this everyday. You might want to also :)

Keep it Beautiful.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIY: How to Create a Cozy Space for Kids Under the Stairs

When we were renovating the basement, creating storage spaces was on our list as a must. Old houses often lack storage, guess folks didn’t have much junk to store back then? Or the more likely answer...renovating basements wasn’t a thing, they just used the basement as a cold cellar and to store their stuff. In any event, the space under the stairs was originally planned to store bins. Bins of seasonal clothes, bins of stuff. However, as the renovation came along I knew that cute little space under there would be a perfect little nook for the minis. We found space in Mr. Fix-It’s work room for the bins and under the stairs would be saved for them.
I shared what I had in mind here.
It’s not a big space and literally, the drywall goes up to the steps and then stops. Our contractor sprayed the space with primer and the rest was up to us. Given that the kids won’t want to use it forever, or fit in there forever, I didn't want to spend much. As we began to use the basement, the kids started to use it as a space to build their LEGO. So, it’s become the LEGO nook. Win for us too, because there isn’t LEGO all over the basement…have you ever stepped on one of those pieces!? #$%^

First step was to paint the walls. I used the same colour that we used all over the basement (I had paint leftover in the tin, so why not?). The colour is CIL Tulle White. 
When I saw these mini star decals from WallsNeedLove, I knew they would be the perfect d├ęcor to add to this charming space.

They were super easy to get up on the wall. I cut them out and stuck them on the wall with painters tape to get an idea of what the walls would look like.
If you are doing the decals randomly than you don’t have to do this. But, I just didn’t want to stick them to the wall and overestimate how many I had, leaving me with not enough. This way I could also move a few around if I didn’t like the spacing.
(Sorry for the yucky photo, it was hard to photograph without a whole lot of natural light)
They came off like stickers and because the stars are little, there were zero bubbles when sticking them to the wall.  The whole thing took about 45 minutes.  Easy, easy.

The space looks really cute when you open the mini door. Props to WallsNeedLove. Easy to use product, inexpensive and great impact. I added the rag rug from Ikea and print to finish it off. A LEGO nook under the stairs is born.
*This post has been sponsored by WallsNeedLove. Their decals are awesome and they even have removable wallpaper which would be the only way I could convince Mr. Fix-It to add wallpaper anywhere J Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog. 

Keep it Beautiful.
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