Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hey everyone!

It's been a little "here and there" the past few weeks. Isn't the end of the school year bananas? Every year I seem to forget that June is just crazy busy. The kids have been busy with spring activities, school is ending, I'm in a new job and it's been busy with figuring out vacation plans, camps for the kids etc. Yup, first world problems. However, it still makes things a whole lotta crazy. 

Oh and wanna hear something fun? On Wednesday, at the crack of dawn...literally! I'm going to be on CTV Morning Live, here in Ottawa as a hair model. FUN! If you're up at 6:50, my locks will be getting styled for the summer with KerMax products. Then, I'll be on again, sharing some fabuloso ideas for your summer entertaining with Sabra hummus. Double tv fun!!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a really cute and easy DIY for your garden. My kids did these cement patio stones for their Poppa for Father's Day. They're easy, inexpensive and adorable. Promise.


- Mixing cement (we had some down in the basement but you can purchase it at your local hardware store. You buy it in powder and just add water).
- Duct tape
- Pizza boxes...we always have those in our recycling box ;)
- Plastic Wrap
- Anything you want to add to your stones (i.e. trinkets)


- Duct tape the corners of your pizza box. You're going to pour your cement in there so you need to make sure that the corners are strong. Lay plastic wrap along the bottom and sides of your pizza box (this will help you lift out your cement when you're done).

 Mix your cement. Honestly, there isn't a magical formula for this. The kids and I found a bucket in the shed, a random piece of wood (a paint mixing stick would work great) and just added water to the cement until you get a toothpaste consistency. 

Pour your cement in each of the boxes (one box of cement got us two big stones and a small stone). Let it set enough that your trinkets won't sink. Then just place them in your stones as you want. You can also draw anything you want in them. 

Let it dry and the just peel off the sides of the box and the plastic wrap.

Cute eh? My dad secured them to one of the trees at the cottage. They're easy, adorable and made with love. Try it out.

Keep it Beautiful.

Friday, June 10, 2016


TGIF!! Hope you all had a great week! I have an easy DIY this week that can totally transform your outdoor space.
Do you have plastic chairs that are similar? I bought these "adirondack" chairs a couple of years ago for the front porch. They were inexpensive and Mr. Fix-It and I have spent many summer nights chatting over drinks in these chairs. However, I never really loved the red. The look I had in mind when I bought them, just didn't wow me on the porch. So, you know how much I love spray paint...enter in a DIY!

Honestly, this project can't get much easier. Pick up a spray paint that is designed for covering plastic. A key tip to remember is to wash your furniture. The furniture needs to be squeaky clean because any dirt that gets covered in paint will just flake off.  The kids created a "chair wash" and a "bike wash" in the driveway and scrubbed the chairs down.

While this project is easy peasy, it takes a bit of time. Remember...thin, even coats and allow about an hour to dry/coat. I left the chairs in the driveway to dry in the sun.


A fresh coat of spray paint on these candle holders that my girlfriend was going to sell at the garage sale, as well as, a spray of our side table that's been kickin' around (it used to be in my parents' backyard) and we have a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated "new" porch setting for the win!!
Have a fabulous weekend my friends. Get out your spray paint!

Oh, and don't forget to visit my new Etsy store. You need one of these pillows :)

Keep it Beautiful.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Hey guys!

FINALLY! The time has come to let you all know about my little love nest that I've been working on. I'm thrilled to announce my new biz...

Keep It Beautiful Shop
Obviously, you know how much I love textiles and my ultimate favourite home decor accessory is the throw pillow. I've created high quality, 100% Canadian made throw pillows for your home. I believe all spaces should be beautiful because who doesn't feel fabulous in a gorgeous room. I've spent a long time researching the perfect manufacturer to make my pillows because, as you know, I believe in quality, well made, gorgeous products. 

The pillows are fun, cheeky, make your heart smile and will look gorgeous on your bed, in your living room or your favourite chair. 

I design all the pillows and they're custom made to order in Montreal. 100% Canadian made! The fabric is either high end canvas and or super soft velveteen fabric. Major snuggling power.

I'm also always open to custom designing the pillow just for you. If you have a particular saying or colour of pillow, I can do that.
Just so you know, the pillow cases do not come with the inserts.  BUT, my fav inserts that fit amazing in these cases are the 20X20 from Ikea. You can either go with the down filled or the polyester but for $6.99 the Ikea down are my fav! They fill out the pillow amazingly!

How do you get your hands on these fab pillows? 
Just head over to my Etsy shop. I've officially launched it today so please feel free to visit the shop anytime :) 

or you can type in "keepitbeautifulshop" in the Etsy search bar

I would love to see these pillows in your home. I know you'll love them. These ones have been huge hits with my kids...
and I have the love pillow on my bed and the "hello gorgeous" on the chair that I usually write all my blog posts in.  

So that's it. I'm really excited to start this up and will probably sell some of the pillows in a few local stores here in Ottawa. I love these pillows and I know you will too. Contact me anytime if you have any questions - keepitbeautifultoday1@gmail.com

Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for this launch. Love you all. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 

Keep it Beautiful.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sibling Rivalry is Real and Netflix Can Help!

Happy Friday guys! Ready for the weekend? It's one of my favourite weekends of the year here in Ottawa. Tomorrow is the Great Glebe Garage Sale where the entire neighbourhood hauls their junk out of their basements and litters their driveways with stuff. The expression, one person's junk is another's treasure couldn't be more true at this event. There is stuff everywhere to be had and for the DIY lover, it's paradise. I'm on the hunt for an old dresser for our baby girl. It's almost time to move her into a big girl room and I would love to give an old dresser a facelift. I found this chair at the big sale a few years ago.

It's also Ottawa Race Weekend where the city encourages thousands of runners along their race journey. Mr. Fix-It and I are both running the 10k. Well, he's really running it and a couple of girlfriends and I are doing the walk/run...well more walk ;) I digress.

Having three kids is busy. Really busy. The kids are always together. They love each other and play together a lot. It's comforting that they stick up for one another and travel as a team. However, they aren't best of friends at all times. There are days that they can go from playing happily to wham! tackling each other or calling the other person a name they think is awful. A popular one that we've heard the last couple weeks is "you're a bum head" ;) Yup, none of this is the end of the world but obviously we talk to them about this behaviour and remind them that words hurt. We also have a few Netflix shows that are good reminders to the kids to be kind to one another.

The Hive - Episode: Babee's Room - Buzzabee and Rubee compete over who Babee (their new sibling) gets to room with. Mom and dad must explain to Buzzabee and Rubee that Babee needs to grow up before she can share a room.

Puffin Rock has a good episode about following the rules - Mama tells Oona and Baba to stay close as a storm approaches. After ignoring her advice, Oona and Baba get stuck in a seagull nest during the storm.
Self-love is always good to fuel into your kids' souls. It's our responsibility to do our best to engrain that into our kids. We want them always to feel special, powerful and to love themselves. The Adventures of Puss in Boots has a great episode that reminds kids that they are awesome.

Feel free to keep these Netflix shows on hand when you need them. As for Mr. Fix-It and I, we're almost finished the Scandal marathon...I don't want it to end it's so good AND I've had a sneak peak at the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black and it doesn't disappoint!

Have a fab weekend. I'll let you know what I find at the garage sale. Wish me luck in the hunt for treasures.

Keep it Beautiful.

   I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team. Every month I remind you how much I love the Netflix addiction and want to encourage you all to love it too. All the words and thoughts are mine.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Al Fresco At Last! Summer Dining

Hey guys! Thanks for giving me a little grace while I've started up my new gig. I've been working hard, listening, learning and rockin' those heels. Last weekend was a welcomed break and the holiday on Monday was a sweet treat. My American friends, your long weekend is coming up. Woot! 

Can we talk patio season? It's officially here! Heaven. My parents took the kids up to the cottage for a couple days last weekend while Mr. Fix-It and I did some gardening and got the yard ready for this fab warm weather. It's always a sweet treat to be alone together. We get so much done and get to hang out...just the two of us. 

I've let you know about my love affair with Wayfair.ca before and thrilled to be partnering with them to bring you inspiration to kick up your patio love and dine al fresco. Finally, outdoor eating has arrived. 

So, with the kids being away, we took full advantage of the warm weather.

Creating a beautiful table is really easy in the summer with all the fresh flowers and greenery around you.

While I was at the garden centre buying flowers, I picked up a few loose floral stems they were selling by the cash. A little water, a couple of my Nana's glass milk containers and a mini blue vase for a pop of colour = centrepiece!

The hostas in the backyard are already massive. Holy cow those plants are hearty. I clipped off a couple of the leaves, and wrote our names with a gold pen for an easy place setting. Cute eh? 

I really like the idea of mixing plastic with your regular dishes. Why not? I like how the gold paired with the green. So fresh. You can find similar cutlery and shop Wayfair's dinnerware for gorg dishes and glasses. 

It's also a good idea to pick up a couple packages of napkins and why not add some matching straws. That way you'll have them on hand to whip up a beautiful and quick outdoor table in a pinch. A delicious gin & tonic is always good too :)

As your gardens continue to bloom over the summer, use those gorgeous flowers to create your centrepieces.

I'm so thrilled that Wayfair.ca has come to Canada. They sell pretty much everything, have insanely good prices, are right on trend, amazing customer service and free shipping to Canada. Yes! 

I hope this inspires you to dine al fresco this weekend! Cheers to long days and warm summer nights. 

Keep it Beautiful.

This post was sponsored by Wayfair.ca Everything you've read are my words. I'm in love with Wayfair.ca and want to spread the love with you.

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