Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Happy fall y'all! Fall is officially here and we're heading into Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada. Mr. Fix-It and I recently returned from a week away oversees on vacation and if you follow me on Instagram, you know we had a blast. I was happy to sleep in my own bed and to see the gorgeous leaves turning beautiful hues of red and orange. Isn't fall the best? You might remember a couple of weeks ago that I was cruising around on the internet for fall inspiration. In the post I talked about keeping it simple. Well, I wanted to show you what I've come up with and hopefully inspire you to create a welcoming fall porch. If you're entertaining this fall, this is an easy way to welcome your guests.

Something that Wayfair has done is create "Bloggers Picks". It's a great way to look for items that have been identified by design bloggers who love beautiful things, just like you. For example, let's say you are looking for a firewood holder. You would type into the Wayfair search, a listing of items would come up and on some of them you would see "Bloggers Pick". Here, you'll see one of my faves. Wayfair works with awesome bloggers so it's an opportunity to get inspired by their fav styles and picks from Wayfair.

So here is what I started with as my inspiration for decorating the front porch.

I used what I had, hit the grocery store for pumpkins and grabbed a few of of my inspiration finds.

I was searching for a new throw and decided on this gorg one. It comes in a variety of different colours, has great reviews and bonus, it's on sale right now! I just draped it over my Acapulco chair that was on the porch this summer and added a crisp fall pillow. Instant cozy. Instant fall. 

We were also in need for a firewood rack. Sure, you can stack the wood wherever but I wanted a rack that I could keep on the front porch outside the front door for those chilly days and nights we want to light a fire inside, and I wanted one that I could bring inside the living room if I wanted. This one caught my eye and it comes in a variety of sizes. I ordered the 24" because we don't need it to hold a ton of wood but I noticed the 40" is on sale now. 
Don't forget that all your pumpkins don't have to be real. I used a combo of real and faux. Faux is always good because you can just bring them out year after year. There are also a ton of various varieties of pumpkins at the stores right now also. I was loving the green ones. 

Its easy to add a beautiful wreath and whether you bake or not, your house will smell delish with a pumpkin or fall candle. So get out there my friends, bring in or out some cozy fall decorating and I guarantee you, it will make you feel fresh.fabulous.sophisticated.

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Thank you for continuing to support the brands that Keep it Beautiful Designs loves to bring to you. 

Keep it Beautiful. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Hey! Hey! Hey! Super long time no chatty on here. Holy cow! I missed you guys. It's been a whirlwind the last little while but if you follow me on Instagram then you're more or less up to date. Nothing major and out of this world but I had been taking some time to figure out what I wanted to do with the blog and the business. The world of blogging has changed so much over the last number of years and it's important to find your fit, your place and how you want it to feed, not only your reader's souls but also yours. Obviously, I love sharing my favourite beautiful designs and ways to help you love your space, so I'm back and it feels fab.

Hope you all had a fab summer! Now, we're on to fall! Summer is my fav season but September always feels like a fresh start. Back to school means a new year. A new you.

And, obviously...lattes, cozy sweaters and oh-so pretty decor. In the decorating world, I see fall as a great way to turn your mind to careful decorating and the ramp up to (dare I say it?!), Christmas!

At the end of the summer, Mr. Fix-It and I stained the front porch. We replaced the porch last summer and just never got around to staining it. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a long laboriousness process but honestly, it was super easy. If you want to know what we used and how we did it, let me know, because it was fast and simple.

Now that fall is peaking it's head, its time to decorate the exterior of your house. We can get away with not doing much in the summer because all the beautiful flowers speak for themselves.
I know you all go on Pinterest and see these elaborate photos of decorating, but honestly, let's keep it simple shall we? Simple is gorg!

I headed over to Wayfair to shop for my fav looks and made made it simple for you by creating a list of my fav picks for fall. Check it out. All you need to do is click on the pic and it will take you right there. You're welcome.
I've done some shopping and looked around my house to decorate the front porch, so look around, find some inspiration and I'm going to get started on bringing fall in, or out, in this case :)

Head back over here soon to see it all come together.

Keep it Beautiful.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Hi. Me again! As promised, a few more sneak peaks into our holiday house for this year.

I've included a few shots of the outside too. As for the outside...well, Mr. Fix-It has free reign over how we decorate for Christmas out there. Thank God, he doesn't on the inside ;)
We call him Griswold, and I'm pretty sure he's grooming our kids to carry on his Griswold style when they have their own homes. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see how. The more lights, the bigger the decor, the better for him. Santa has a clear path to our house. Remember Olaf last year? 
He's had some friends join his party!

For the last 3 years, I've been ordering from Hammacher Schlemmer during the holidays. First year, I ordered the Countertop Wine Cooler - obviously amazing! Olaf was last year and the glowing presents for the lawn this year. The presents are really big and have a ton of mini lights in them. So pretty. Mr. Fix-It, of course was in Griswold heaven when they arrived to add to the outside decor of love.

The thing I love about Hammacher is that most of their items ship to Canada and duty free - win!! You should check them out for New Year's Eve items and entertaining gadgets.

As for the inside, here are few more ideas to share with you...

We're having a big crew over for Christmas dinner. This year, I'm thinking of paying homage to my Aunt Mary who passed away last year just before Christmas. She always had a red Scottish tartan ribbon across her table for New Year's day so this year, I'm pulling out her ribbon, her candle sticks and table cloth for Christmas day just for her.

Silver, white and a peek of gold was what I did last year.

Have a wonderful Christmas my friends. I hope 2017 has been kind to you. If it's ben a challenge, then time to close the door with a new one opening right in front of you. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Keep it Beautiful.
xo Alicia

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Hi guys!

5 more days! Woot. How are you feeling? Ready? Shopped? Wrapped? Baked? Yowza - for the best time of year it sure is crazy town when it comes to planning. Mr. Fix-It and I are almost there. The shopping is pretty much done and last night we started to wrap. Wrapping is a marathon in itself! Of course we ran out of paper half way, which is the Santa paper! And we know that the Santa paper has to be different than all the other paper?!?! So, I'm on a mission tomorrow night to find more, duplicate paper. The things we all do for our kids! But the magic of their belief in the big man in red is amazing and they are so.excited!!

Let's talk cozy spaces. Between now and when the kids have to go back to school, I have promised them jammie days, lazy days, movie watching days - basically total laziness. I'm so ready for it too!! While I may not be able to laze around between now and Christmas, the kids are already feeling it. With the last week of school, they're staying up later, watching tv later and just being kids at Christmas. 

So, I made this little spot in front of the fire for them to cozy up to. We have a basket of Christmas books we bring out each year and they've been hanging out here in the evenings, by the fire and reading the books, watching the tablet or just watching the fire. 

Of course, I didn't want to create any ole cozy space, I wanted it to be pretty ;) I know you want cozy pretty spaces too! Here's what I did - promise, it's simple and it doesn't need to be Christmas-y. Go with a winter feel and it will be your cozy space for the rest of the season. Super win! I really loved the stag head and cozy white pillow when I saw them. Of course on my fav site! If you're choosing multiple holiday pillows, remember to pick one that can take you through the winter season when Christmas is over. I chose this stag head pillow for that reason. 

There is something about a faux fur mini rug that makes me want to curl up and be cozy. I've had one for the past 8 years and I used to lay the babes on it after they came out of the bath. Um, total cuteness. But, it was time for a new one so I ordered this one. Love. I've laid it in front of the fire but I also drape it over chairs with throw pillows against it. It's one of those items that's versatile, adds texture and feel immediately. 

To me, in winter, you just can't get enough pillows. You want to feel snuggly. I added these pillows to the couch and chairs. 

 Here's a great tip. Look for pillow covers when the season is over and just cover the pillows right over. No one will ever know there is a Christmas pillow under there. Next year, just pull it off and voila!-instant Christmas pillow!

I'll be sharing more Christmas decor in the next couple of days. We've added to the Griswold blowups. Remember Olaf? 

Keep it Beautiful.

Disclaimer:  I was provided some items from Wayfair that are in this post. Everything I've said here are my own words. I love Wayfair, who doesn't?   And want to share how you can continue to create fresh.fabulous.sophisticated spaces in your home. 
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