Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This is our girl. She's beautiful. She's feisty. She's brave. She's ours. On February 20th she had an accident tobogganing. She broke her femur. HER FEMUR! It's the biggest bone in your body and some argue the most painful to break. From the minute the break happened to 4 weeks later with her cast off, she has shown us how powerful and resilient she is. She is no damsel in distress.

Our baby girl is all things girly. She loves everything pink and purple, lipgloss, dresses and baby dolls. She also loves to play super heroes with her brothers and wants to be doing anything that they do. She declares herself as "super girl" and we love it. We love that she is girly but already, at her age, understands that she can do anything. Girls are powerful. She is powerful.

There are a lot of really bad shows out there. Whether they are geared towards boys or girls, there are bad shows directed at both. Our kids love watching shows. Really, are there that many kids out there that don't love tv and movies? We all need to be aware of what our kids are watching. Sure, each child has their own taste in what they like but I do love that Netflix offers a wide range of shows and many of them with strong female characters. 

Our girl is drawn to shows like Project Mc2 where a group of girls are working to solve mysteries and Glitter Girls - these girls are full of all things girly AND are defending the earth. Lego Friends is also a fav in our house. The girls promote creating, building and inclusion of friends. 

What are your girls watching on Netflix? Any favs? Do they make your girls feel powerful? Speaking of girl power...I'm all over Scandal. Are you? They have new episodes right now. I'm addicted. 

Keep it Beautiful.

Disclosure:  I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team.  Netflix is addictive and we all love it. I love sharing my fav shows with you and your family every month.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hello lovelies!! It's been a little while and good to be back! At the end of February our baby girl broke her leg tobogganing. It was awful. Her femur. Brutal. But, she's amazing AND we just got back from an awesome family vacation in Mexico. Yesterday, I spent the entire day doing laundry and my kiddies woke up at 10:30am! They were zonked from arriving back in Ottawa so late. In any event, I totally indulged on vacation. TOTALLY! It's the sign of a good vacation, however when I got on the scale and saw that the numbers were up by 9 pounds. YUP, nine!! I wanted to die. I've been working on getting back to the gym and eating clean since Jan and lost a bunch of pounders but 9 pounds up in one week? Oh Lordy. So much food, so much beer. However...sign of a good vacay and back on track today, right? Right. I have a yummy salad recipe to share with you today in case you're looking for a spring kick start. Shorts and tank season is quickly approaching! Easter is also around the corner and this would be a great addition to your menu. Speaking of Easter, I'm crushing on this buffet. The colour is gorg! These beauty Wayfair dishes and I'm going to order this adorable banner for the mantel. 

March is maple syrup season. Who doesn't love Canadian made syrup? Heaven. A local farmer at the cottage taps some of the trees on our road for the sugary goodness. It's really cool for the kids to see where the syrup on their pancakes begins.

The thing about this salad is that using real maple syrup is a must! 

The dressing will knock your socks off. Here's what you need....

- 1/4 cup of real maple syrup
- 2 tablespoon of dijon mustard
- 1 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
- 1/4 cup of good olive oil
- salt and pepper

Mix the ingredients (except the oil) and then whisk in the oil. I shake everything up in a little mason jar. It's the perfect size.

For the salad, I added mixed greens, sliced pears, black berries and mini tomatoes. It's simple and delicious. You could add some toasted pecans on there too. Yum!

Pour on your dressing and VOILA! Maple syrup deliciousness!! 

Now that we're back from vacation and the snow is melting, it's time to start on our baby girl's big girl room. As per usual, I have my eye on all things pretty from Wayfair.ca. Shocker.  We're besties. I'm gathering up some furniture ideas for there that I'll share with you soon. Now, go find yourself some Canadian made maple syrup and whip up this salad. Yum!

Keep it Beautiful.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wayfair.ca. As always, thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. Love you!

Monday, February 6, 2017


Where did the weekend go? How is it Monday already?! It was the first week of Winterlude here in Ottawa where the canal is freshly groomed, the snow slides are slick and it's an Ottawa party. Goodtimes. If you've never been, you must try to get to it sometime. Winterlude is always the first three weeks in Feb. 

I did get in a little V-day decorating...

I don't usually do much except give the mantle a little shake up. The kids love it and why not spread the love? I used the red dogwood branches I had from Christmas and picked up this garland and rose balls at the dollar store. Honestly, it can't get much easier.

Did any of you make the door hearts I shared on the weekend? Easy peasy. You can also make a "love box". Again, it's easy, inexpensive and the kids adore it. Think I'll add a small little prezzie in there for Mr. Fix-it too. Warm hearts is what Valentine's Day is all about. Oh and heart shaped pizzas. Cute!

Keep it Beautiful.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hi guys, I don't normally do a Saturday post but wanted to get this one out to you in case you wanted to think about it over the weekend. Who doesn't love getting a Valentine's Day card? Remember when you were kids and hoped for a love note from your crush? While I don't have DIY Valentine's for you, I do have a cute idea to do for your mini Valentine's at home.

Door hearts are so easy and your Valentine's will love it. All you need is construction paper, markers and tape. Every day, write something you love about your little valentine, or something they are good at. Each day they can look at their door and see all the messages of love just for them. Easy, cute and spreads the love.

I went to the dollar store and bought a pack of construction paper and while I was watching tv one night, I cut out hearts for each of my kids and wrote the messages. 

You can do as many as you want really, whether you start now or a few days from now. Each night before you go to bed, just stick a new heart on their door for when they wake up. You'll make their hearts smile :)

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? I like to add a few touches here and there so I'll show you my V-day mantle on Monday.
Keep it Beautiful.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Hey guys. How's January treating you? Can you believe it's almost done? Yikes. Honestly, I just put away the last little bit of lingering Christmas decor. It's been down for weeks but hanging around on the dining room table just begging to be organized. Our tiny storage room in the basement is busting at the seams. Ugh! We so need an organization system down there. From hammers to skates, golf equipment to Christmas. Old house = no storage. Grrr. Do you have storage issues?

In any event, during the month of January we've been watching a whole lot of Netflix. Woot! Hello...the 80s called - Harry and the Hendersons is streaming on Netflix! Classic. Our kiddies really liked it. I loved that movie as a kid. Watching it as an adult, I realized that it's not as good as you thought it was but my kids thought it was just as good as I did years ago. 
I also saw that Back to the Future is on there. Mark it down for movie night. 

The kids are going to think that car is awesome...I hope?!

Our oldest is in that stage where he doesn't want to watch the "baby shows" with his younger siblings but sorry kid, no Walking Dead for you. There is a new show called, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

It's based on a series of books and the sets and scenery are amazing. Super good for those in-betweeners (don't think that's a word but you get it).
Our big guy has started to check out some of the shows that are geared more to adults but are kid appropriate. He and I love watching Chef's Table (sooo good). 

Sometimes we put it on in the kitchen while we make dinner. We might be making plain 'ole noodles but he still feels like a Michelin star chef while watching and cooking.

There is another show that's new called One Day at a Time

It's like an old-school sitcom that brought families together with laugh out loud humour and more importantly, relevant teachable moments. If you have someone in your family that is starting to walk the line between kids and teen shows then check this show out.
Mr. Fix-It and I are binge watching Quantico. 

I would say the acting is not great. Well, it's okay...but we're hooked. It's the story line. Yup, it's pretty far fetched but we're liking the whole FBI trainee facing off with the FBI as a whole. Yes!

That's it folks. Happy watching. It's that time of year for all things cozy. I have a few things in the hopper that I want to share with you soon. Happy weekend!

Keep it Beautiful.
Disclosure: I'm part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. Who doesn't love Netflix? I'm happy to share all the latest info every month.

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