Friday, September 29, 2017


Since I've been a little girl my parents always made birthdays feel special. You're supposed to feel like it's your day - your day to eat whatever you want, your day to feel showered with birthday surprises and make big wishes. I have vivid memories of many of the birthday parties my parents had for me, from decorating t-shirts, to popcorn cake, all the way up to spin the bottle in grade 7 - yikes!

Mr. Fix-It and I try our best to make our kids feel special on their big day. In the last 9 years, we've thrown our share of birthday parties. Of course when our oldest was born we threw a big afternoon garden party with everything matching and a whole lot of stress. I love having a matchy party but over the years I've learned that you don't need everything to match for your kids to love their party. You're kids aren't stressed about their party, why should you be? 

Netflix sent me a really cool idea that they've come up with to share with all of you. They've created 14 Birthday On-Demand Videos to surprise your little one on their birthday. You can choose from your kids' favourite characters to sing them a birthday song. I tried it out on our middle guy for his birthday and he loved it. 

Enter in stress free birthday party idea! 

Kids love tv. Kids love movies. Kids love Netflix. Honestly, they've got it right having kids' fav characters sing them "happy birthday" on their special day. Enter in stress-free for you, happy child and best parent ever!

Let me know if you wish your little one happy birthday from Netflix!

Keep it Beautiful.
Disclosure:  I'm a proud member of the Netflix #StreamTeam.  All opinions are my own.

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