Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This is our girl. She's beautiful. She's feisty. She's brave. She's ours. On February 20th she had an accident tobogganing. She broke her femur. HER FEMUR! It's the biggest bone in your body and some argue the most painful to break. From the minute the break happened to 4 weeks later with her cast off, she has shown us how powerful and resilient she is. She is no damsel in distress.

Our baby girl is all things girly. She loves everything pink and purple, lipgloss, dresses and baby dolls. She also loves to play super heroes with her brothers and wants to be doing anything that they do. She declares herself as "super girl" and we love it. We love that she is girly but already, at her age, understands that she can do anything. Girls are powerful. She is powerful.

There are a lot of really bad shows out there. Whether they are geared towards boys or girls, there are bad shows directed at both. Our kids love watching shows. Really, are there that many kids out there that don't love tv and movies? We all need to be aware of what our kids are watching. Sure, each child has their own taste in what they like but I do love that Netflix offers a wide range of shows and many of them with strong female characters. 

Our girl is drawn to shows like Project Mc2 where a group of girls are working to solve mysteries and Glitter Girls - these girls are full of all things girly AND are defending the earth. Lego Friends is also a fav in our house. The girls promote creating, building and inclusion of friends. 

What are your girls watching on Netflix? Any favs? Do they make your girls feel powerful? Speaking of girl power...I'm all over Scandal. Are you? They have new episodes right now. I'm addicted. 

Keep it Beautiful.

Disclosure:  I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team.  Netflix is addictive and we all love it. I love sharing my fav shows with you and your family every month.

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