Thursday, April 27, 2017


Decorating is fun. You know what’s really fun? Decorating a girl’s room. Even better, decorating it in the spring. Spring is one of my favourite times to work on the house. It feels so good to crack open the windows, organize a closet, open up a can of paint and give er. I can't be the only one that gets the spring DIY feeling because Home Depot, Rona and Lowes are packed on the weekends right now and I would say that the paint line and lumber lines are the longest. I digress ;)
Before our baby girl was born, our older son had his room (which then turned to the guest room, and now the big girl room), the guest room was now the boys room and the nursery was our middle guy’s.

Each time the rooms have been done, I flutter with excitement. When our baby girl arrived, we decided to put the boys in the bigger guest room and make it theirs

While I don’t think our middle guy remembers the process, both boys love their room. I remember that feeling as a kid. Feeling special in your bedroom. Feeling like you owned a piece of the house. It was your space. Fast forward to today, the boys are still happy as clams to be bunking together and they’ve line the walls with Pok√©mon and Star Wars posters, filled the toy bins with toys and junk – did I say that out loud?!..and made it theirs. 

Their special place. I love the room at the back. It’s an addition to the house and the windows overlook the backyard. The light is gorgeous and it’s the perfect spot for them to read and play. 

One day I’m sure it might be a space for a couple of desks or to house one of their beds when they decide to take down their bunks.
When our baby girl turned four last month, she all of a sudden didn’t feel so baby anymore. Her crib to toddler bed was jammed with stufties, there was little room for this growing girl to sleep and she felt too big for her nursery

She, like her mama is a collector of clothes, jewels and all round randomness. It was time for a bigger space for her. Time to get her organized. Enter in a project for Mr. Fix-It and I. Yes!
The only issue we needed to get around was that we needed to carve out the time to do a swap of the guest room and the nursery all at the same time. So, essentially we needed to do two rooms from top to bottom at once. Yowza. We needed a plan. We needed to buy everything, get organized and be ready to do a marathon swap. Oh and wipe away my tears as the crib came down for the last time. The dresser that had a facelift went out on the curb for someone else to use and love. Pass the tissue.
But on to new milestones. Enter in Big Girl Room and Guest Room swap plan.

Paint Colours - Benjamin Moore Cadillac Pink & Full Blossom (accent wall - all little girls need a fabulously bright pink accent wall). Finding a soft pink can be tough. A quick tip: go with a pink on the paint chit that is the lightest in it's row of colours. I promise you, it will definitely look pink. Otherwise, you may have an entire room looking like Hubba Bubba and not necessarily the look you want if you are looking for something soft.

The Bed - It's gorgeous. Jaime. 

I'm really interested in online mattress companies. Have you ordered your mattress online. I've been doing some research and the Leesa mattress has me intrigued for our master bedroom. 

Dresser, & Shelf - Flipping the shelf on it's side and making a window bench like I did for the boys.

Kitchen - Santa brought this a couple of years ago and I'm looking forward to moving it upstairs into her room. BTW, it's awesome if you are looking for a gift. It gets lots of play action.

The new guest room (old nursery) is the smallest bedroom. It makes a great nursery, a cozy guest room or an office. I new I wanted to paint it two of my fav colours. We have the colours in our living room, dining room and kitchen. The light is beautiful in the room so I knew it would be perfectly grey. The armoire for the old guest room was being moved into the knew room, along with the bed, the linen and all of our framed poetry. Have you heard of Matt Robinson? He's a incredibly talented poet in Halifax, Nova Scotia and his framed poetry will be moving from the old guest room into a gallery wall in this room.
So, you'll have to stay tuned next week for the reveal. Mr. Fix-It and I worked for 15 hours straight while the kids went up to the lake with my folks. We listened to music, cracked a few beers, ordered pizza and worked on the rooms. It's our thing. The look on our daughter's face when she walked into her new room was adorbs. 
Spring has sprung my friends and I would love to hear what your spring decorating, DIYs and organizing plans are. 
Can't wait to show you the rooms.
Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Awww. It looks adorable, its everything I would want if I ever got to design a little girls room.

    1. Thanks Brooke. I can't wait to show you the reveal :)


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