Friday, September 9, 2016


Hey guys!

We made it. First week of school is complete and the kids came home smiling. Phew! I had no idea how nervous I was for them until Monday night when I tossed and turned thinking about the first day jitters. The kids were cool as cucumbers and I had to most definitely mask the mama nerves!

I thought I would do an update on bookshelf styling. Last week, while Mr. Fix-It is was out one night,  I decided to do a little bookshelf re-style. Armed with a glass of vino, everything came off the bookshelves (ironic that they're called bookshelves, yet we have hardly any books on them?! You might have more styled on your shelves) and I started from scratch.

Sometimes, you just need a little shake-up in your decor. Nothing new to purchase, I just looked around the house and took items for all over!

Let me remind you what the bookshelves looked like when they were born. The back of the shelves are painted BM Sea Haze and the rest is BM Cloud White.

I've shared tips on styling your bookshelves before, here and here. This time I have a few more tips.

I typically keep the same coastal feel on these shelves. I tend to add some Christmas glam decor to them during the holidays but other than that I love the watery summer feel in the breakfast room year round.

Triangles - You know that I'm always talking about pairing items in 3s and 5s. Guaranteed styling success.  Now add to that, the triangle formula. You need an object with height (vertical), a horizontal and the filler piece. This object fills the gap.
Centre the Flow - This is not a must-do tip, however, placing your objects in the middle of the shelves, allows the eye to centre on the vignette and creates breathing room in the shelves.

Greenery and Black - A little greenery (live or faux) will create texture and don't forget...every room in your house should have a touch of black. This is a must-do. I spray painted our white lamp black for that impact. Even if it's tiny, it will look fab. 
Yikes, the top shelf is looking a wee heavy...

Have you given your bookshelves a shake-up lately? I would love to see how you styled them. Doesn't it feel so good to move everything around?

Have a fab weekend lovelies.

Keep it Beautiful.

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