Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Styling the Basement Built-Ins

Remember in the summer when I started talking about the built-ins for the basement and was looking for your thoughts on shelves vs bottom cupboards?
The built-ins were destined for this space. Oh my!

A little better...
To a fresh blank slate...
and here we are today...
I love built-ins. Our cabinet maker was awesome and he hooked us up with exactly what we wanted. Shelves on the top and cupboards underneath. Our house doesn’t have much storage so we have to use every inch of storage that we can. These cupboards right now are holding extra blankets for the basement, DVDs, video game randomness, even extra china that I have.  We chose simple black hardware with an iron feel and the shelving is adjustable so that we can switch up the size of shelving depending on what prettiness goes in there.
Here are a few tips when styling your built-ins
Start Fresh
No sense in trying to re-style your shelves with stuff already on there. Take everything off and start from a clean slate. Another great thing to do is paint the back of your built-ins, that’s what we did in the breakfast room.
It really defines the space, especially if you choose a dark colour. Navy or charcoal would be gorg. If you don’t want to commit to painting the backs, you can always cut those foam bristol boards from the dollar store into the size of the backing you need, paint them and add to the back. Or, cover a piece of cardboard with great wallpaper/wrapping paper, cut to size and add as the backing. So many possibilities! I think I’ll add a darker colour to the back down the road, but for now I’m liking the white in the basement. It keeps it bright.
Work with Wall Art
Look around your house. Do you have any framed art that would fit perfectly in your shelves? Framed art is a great way to layer your shelving. These ones are from Minted and I especially love the “anywhere with you” piece.
Group in 3s
I’ve talked to you before about this tip. Think in odd numbers. Vignettes look great in groups of 3s and 5s if you have the space.
Let there be Space
You don’t have to cover every inch of the shelf. Let your objects breathe and don’t think about what you’re doing too much. Honestly, if you over think it, it won’t work.
Switch it up
I added pinecones for the winter and a few red branches in the little blue vases. In the spring I’ll switch them out for something else.
Of course, use what you have my friends. Sure, if there is something you see that will be perfect in the space, then do it. I bought the infinity love sign in town at the cottage but everything else we already had.
'Squze the tv. Paw Patrol is a very popular show in our house these days!
I’m looking forward to showing you the other spaces of the basement soon. Now go style your shelves :)
Keep it Beautiful.

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