Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Built-Ins DIY

Happy Friday!

Well, I'm very happy that our breakfast room built-ins are officially complete! Phew! Like all our house projects, Mr. Fix-it had to fight with uneven walls and slightly slanted flooring, however he did a great job and I'm thrilled! Check it out...

The base cabinets have been in for weeks. They have given us tons of storage for vases, platters etc. It is amazing what a few extra deep cabinets can give you...

Base cabinets in and the shelving materials await Mr. Fix-it...

Amen to storage!!

Mr. Fix-it and his handy helper installed the top piece first.  You actually don't see this piece as the shelves go all the way to the ceiling but they had to install it to attach the crown moulding to. See the piece of wood that Mr. Fix-it is drilling in this photo? This is only temporary, to hold the weight of the wood that extends across until the shelves get installed.

We wanted the bookshelves to be relatively thick in size. So, Mr. Fix-it attached two pieces of the primed wood together to create the look of one thick piece of wood. See how there is a seam that goes right down the middle? Even with caulking you might see good. So, before the project was completed Mr. Fix-it just staple gunned a piece of trim that measured the same thickness right over this. Instant custom feel!
Also, these pink lines are our "high tech" way of measuring where the next shelves would go ;)

Once we decided where the shelves would go, Mr. Fix-it installed them using tiny brackets (he painted them white later so you wouldn't see them) and then it was time to fill in all the random holes and anything uneven by patching.  This is really easy! You just spread the goop across the hole, it dries from purple to white and you sand it flat with sandpaper. Super easy and its a DIYers secret tool! We use it for every makes everything smooth, seemless, perfect.

VOILA! Bookshelves all patched and waiting to be painted and styled once Mr. Fix-it finished that last piece of crown molding.

On Monday, I'll reveal the final project and a few tips on bookshelf styling. Here's a sneak peak...

Have a great weekend!

Keep it Beautiful.


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