Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Experience with Healthy Meal Plan

Hey guys! Happy Fabulous Friday!

As summer starts to wind down and the fall routine begins next week, both Mr. Fix-It and I decided it was time to kick it back into gear with healthy eating and exercise. I was in a great routine for the first few weeks of July and then it all came to a halt when we went on holidays. Doesn't it always? I love indulging in food, drinks and all round summer shenanigans. However, my bod paid for it. Two weeks ago I was feeling sluggish, my pants were most definitely snug and I wasn't thrilled with myself that I ditched the gym. I totally believe that you need to indulge, but when it's making you feel tired and sluggish then it's a good sign to get yourself going again.

I would say we live a pretty healthy lifestyle. Both Mr. Fix-It and I have always been active and we work hard to instil the importance of a healthy lifestyle in our kids. Whether I'm heading to the gym, or Mr. Fix-It is off for a run, it's part of our family routine. It's important for the kids to see that living an active lifestyle is just part of our every day family routine. However, during the summer, I find it hard to get to the gym. It's so beautiful out and we usually end up at the park or out for a walk after dinner. And, of course, the beer. Beer and summer just go hand-in-hand. Right?

I've never been a girl that is obsessed with the scale. For me, I want to fill good in my clothes and my muscles to feel super strong. My weight goes up and down by about 10ish pounds (again, not going with the scale but how my clothes fit) fairly regularly and I know that when my clothes start to feel like their strangling me then it's time to do a reality check.

So, long story short, when Healthy Meal Plan asked us to try their food for a week, I WAS IN!

Here's how it works. Healthy Meal Plan provides a number of options for your lifestyle and they deliver fresh and healthy meals to your doorstep. Umm, yes please! The first thing that stuck out to me was their mandate to provide extremely healthy and delicious food. If I'm going to order my meals for the week, then absolutely, they need to make me feel good, taste delicious and help us achieve our goals.

Everything is made from scratch and delish! Both Mr. Fix-It and I were so excited each evening to unwrap our doorstep package. We tried the Simple Lifestyle Plan. We received lunch and dinner every evening at the door and each meal included a protein, healthy carb and veggies. Each meal is less than 450 calories.
Mr. Fix-It and I usually eat late. It's just how we roll. By the time we get home from work, the kids are starving and ready to eat the kitchen. We often don't have time to make what we want for dinner until after the kids go to bed (and of course the kids are super picky). So, we prepare dins for the kids, we all sit down and chat about our favourite parts of the day and after the kids go to bed, is when we eat. However, there are nights we're too tired to cook and the pizza delivery man ends up at our door at 9:30pm. With Healthy Meal Plan, the pizza guy didn't come once last week! Mr. Fix-It and I were dining on already made, fabulous meals.
Honestly guys, this is pure luxury heaven!

As a family of five, our grocery bill is pretty massive. Honestly, even the days that I shop the sales I wonder how the bill can be that high. But, food is expensive and eating healthy is expensive. However, eating healthy is obviously a no-brainer. Everyone prioritizes where they put their moolah and the grocery store is one of the priorities for us. The Simple Lifestyle Package is $118.80/week. For our family, the weeks that we know are going to be a total zoo (activities, evening events etc) then we're definitely going to be calling these guys. I can't say enough about the food. I've tried a similar product/company and hands down, these guys have nailed it. I really love the high protein low/healthy carb idea.

This is also a fabulous gift for a new mom, new house owners, back-to-school etc. I would love to get this as a gift - hint, hint mom!

If you need a break from cooking, want to kick-start your healthy routine or yearning for a treat then this is for you. Honestly, for just over 100 dollars (less for the veggie package), you get two substantial, filling and super healthy meals a day for five days!

The only bummer is that they are only in Ottawa right now. I'm sorry for all of you that can't enjoy it but if you have friends in Ottawa then keep Healthy Meal Plan in mind!

And, best part, I have a giveaway!!

Healthy Meal Plan

Have a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated LONG weekend my loves!

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. this service sounds awesome - I guess I don't "need" it, however it would be such a pleasure to serve my family healthy meals; I get stuck in a routine and rely a lot on processed/frozen foods - this would be such a treat!

  2. What a great service. Who doesn't like being pampered with meals made for you!?

  3. Healthy food! All the guesswork taken care of! All the meal prep done! Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

  4. Healthy food!!!!! This sounds great it is such a great idea because sometimes we like unhealthy food to much

  5. Thank you very much for sharing great information about healthy diet tips. It is difficult to live healthy when you have a busy life. These health tips might prove to be useful for those with busy lives. Thanks for posting.

  6. We could all use a little help with our daily meals especially with an on-the-run kid with many after school activities.
    Thanks Alicia


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