Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Decorating

Hey everyone!

I'm back from my trip, Thanksgiving is over and holy is it almost Halloween!? Mr. Fix-It and I had an incredible time in California. I'm hoping to do a post on some of our favourite spots we would recommend to anyone who is heading to San Francisco and Napa Valley. We had an incredible time. Just the two of us. 
From our basement reno to being away in San Fan and then celebrating Thanksgiving at the cottage with our family, I feel like my fall home décor has skipped over "fall" and this weekend we got out all the Halloween bins and everything went ghost, pumpkins and spooky. As an aside, I definitely do want to share with you tips on fall décor because once Halloween is over, it's over. You don't want to be looking at ghosts and pumpkins until December. It's a little early to get out your Christmas tree so don't put your fall wreaths away just yet (just back in the cupboard for the next couple weeks). I was on Daytime Ottawa last week talking about this very thing.

This is the first year that all the kids agreed, they wanted scary decorations. So, this weekend we hit Giant Tiger for all things spooky. Scary glowing ghosts (I think they look like the "Death Eaters" in Harry Potter), skeletons, & hanging pumpkins later our spooky Halloween mantle came to life.
Scary eh? The creepy ghost in netting on the left, flashes and yells really loudly at a push of a button and the right ghost's face, flashes all different colours. Halloween is a really fun time to go all out with your décor. Our mantle has gone through a few different Halloweens here, & here . I have to say I was a little creeped out walking up the stairs to bed with these dudes hanging on the mantle.

Of course, I can't go into GT Boutique for just one thing. We also left with stretchy gloves for the kids, gummies, a princess costume & cheese. Thank you one-stop shop.
This is what the ghosts look like when they are on and angry. It's hard to tell what the guy on the left is doing in the photo.
We bought a couple of extra ghosts for the outside to hang from the trees and the front porch.  Kids love helping decorate for holidays. We spent Sunday afternoon outside getting everything up. Yup, there are ghosts hanging crooked off the mailbox and a bunch of things hanging off one random hook but the kids love it and proud of their work. Halloween is perfect for all things scary and random.

This year we have a robot, the Incredible Hulk & a purple princess who will be out there knocking on doors looking for all things sweet.

It's good to be back my friends. Today is Election Day in Canada. I hope my Canadian friends all vote. Please, This is your Canada.

This week I'm planning on sharing our basement bathroom with you and talking all things lighting in the bathroom.

Keep It Beautiful.


  1. Hi Alicia, Wow, you've had a very busy fall so far! Congratulations on your TV appearance, that's too cool! My baby is 25, so we don't do the spooky decorations any more... but they are so fun! You've done a very creeptastic job! Have fun with your Robot, The Incredible Hulk and of course your Purple Princess! I am off to vote...

  2. Ahh I would love to hear more about your trip to California! My boyfriend and I were planning on it next year, but now it doesn't look like we'll be going for a couple more years. Either way, it's the next place on our travel list :)

    Love the decorations. I just can't bring myself to decorate for holidays except Christmas. It goes by too quickly!

  3. Love this!!! Congrats on the TV appearance and trip to California :)

  4. Love this!!! Congrats on the TV appearance and trip to California :)

  5. Great decorating and WHOOP for the TV thing! So cool!!!

  6. Great seasonal decor and congrats on your new found fame!

  7. That thing with the mouth open is disgusting. I AM CREEPED OUT. P.s you look beautiful.


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