Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Mantle

Hi everyone!

Did you have a great weekend? Our big guy is really excited for Halloween so we spent Saturday afternoon decorating the outside of the house for the big night. 

We also "spooked" up the mantle. I love Halloween!

Have you been to the Dollarstore lately? Halloween has exploded in the store and you can find tons of stuff for $3 max! They had these big creepy crows that we decided to bring home...

We got these pumpkins at Michael's....

 Combine them and VOILA! A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated Halloween mantle that doesn't scare the kiddies but, I have to say, those crows are pretty creepy at night!!
9 more days till Halloween!!
 No, that contraption reflecting in the mirror isn't some creepy Halloween torture thing!? It's our baby girl's Jolly Jumper!

You should definitely check out the dollarstore for Halloween d├ęcor inspiration. There's lots creepy inspiration for next to nothing that will look fab on your mantle.

Here are a few little extras...

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. I really love your mantle - so simple and yet, so Halloween! We also have many black crows/birds in our Halloween decor.

  2. Thanks 50daysofnogrey! They're fun yet totally creepy ;)


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