Friday, October 23, 2015

Bathroom Lighting

I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful lighting. It’s probably my favourite design element in a room. Having the right lighting is important for many reasons. No one wants “hag’ lighting. Nope, it’s just not going to make you feel good. “Hag” lighting reminds me of when the bar lights turn on at the end of the night and everyone looks a heck of a lot different than they did moments before. Say no to “hag” lighting.

I know that the coiled lightbulbs are energy efficient but some of them cast off fluorescent, blue-ish light. Not good my friends. If you want to go energy efficient (which we all should be…although don’t tell Mr. Fix-It, I swap ours out now and then…think he notices?) go for soft light. Soft light can still give enough lighting power in your space, you don't need to light the airport runway.

We only needed one external light in the basement reno. The rest of the basement is powered by pot lights. We chose the LED pots that are more expensive on the initial output but the bulbs last for ten years or something crazy and they don’t get hot. They also need only a few inches for installation between the beams and the drywall. This is an excellent option when you’re trying to get as much ceiling height as possible.
After looking at all my favourite lighting stores I kept coming back to one of my favourite online stores that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Rejuvenation. I know you all know about Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, West Elm etc. They are all linked together and Rejuvenation is part of that family. It’s AMAZING! It’s lighting, hardware, bath, furniture…beautiful. I knew that the bathroom lighting had to be one of their beauties. I love the industrial meets modern feel.

We planned for the light to be directly over the mirror so these were on my list…
Gorg right? We ended up choosing this one…
Rejuvenation - Mist Triple Sconce

I love everything about it. The porcelain is all hand painted to order and arrived packaged nicely in a bubble-wrap blanket. It takes a few weeks from when you order because everything is custom made The quality of the light is fab.

Speaking of fabulous lightbulbs, I picked up the industrial looking "Einstein" bulbs at a local lighting store here in Ottawa. They’re cool, trendy and fit perfectly in the light.
I also had a hard time deciding whether to go with a black or silver finish. Both are traditional, but the silver/chrome feel gives it a fancier look while the black gives great impact on the wall. Decisions. Decisions. I obviously went for the black but I do love the nautical, industrial feel the chrome finish gives.
2. Austin
4. Tolson

Once the light was up...
we added our mirror and a few things to style away...
 and boom! we have a brand new basement vanity!

I would love to see what lighting you are loving right now. Traditional? Modern? Black? Chrome? Ooooh, what about Brass? Super trending! Our front porch is in need for a fabulous lantern out there. So many options!
Happy Friday my friends. xo

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. UGH. I hate my lighting. Ours are sooo dated. I frickn love these. Your bathroom looks amazing, but I really want #1

  2. That triple sconce is AWESOME. We need a new fixture in our bathroom so I'm going to take a look at their selection!


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