Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Movie Night & Popcorn Bar with Netflix

Hey everyone. Hope you had a great weekend! There was an awesome eclipse last night, did some of you see it? We bought our big guy a telescope for his birthday in the summer and it was one of the best presents we've ever bought. It's been super cool to check out the night sky with the kids and our big guy has taught us so much about space. A nice way to end off a great weekend.

I’ve recently joined the Netflix Stream Team and I’m very excited! We are Netflix addicts. Yup, addicts. Who watches cable anymore? Our kids are whizzes at figuring out what Netflix show they want to watch on the iPad and Mr. Fix-It and I are total binge watchers. We can’t help it. The shows are just awesome.  Being part of the Netflix Stream Team means that every month I’ll share with you the new tv shows, movies and series on Netflix. 
With the cooler air coming in, getting cozy on the couch with popcorn just feels right. For about 6 months we’ve been doing Family Movie Night in our house. It’s either Friday or Saturday depending on which night we’re home. We pull out the sofa bed in the tv room, load it up with pillows & blankets and the 5 of us watch a movie. They love it, we love it. Once the kids go to bed, Mr. Fix-It and I park ourselves back on the sofa bed, usually order in, open a bottle of wine and watch another Netflix movie. Wicked.

So…last weekend these were the top choices for the kids…

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey...Umm I remember watching this with my brother and my mom getting all teary. Yup, now I’m that mom. The kids loved the movie, about these three pets that escape from a California ranch to find their owners in San Francisco. It’s adorable, its cute and has it’s teary moments.  A good one to watch with the kids.
Then on Sunday, they got to watch another movie. The weather was so gorgeous in Ottawa that we spent most of Sunday outside. Around 3 o'clock they needed some much needed downtime (so did Mummy and Daddy). So they watched Nanny McFee Returns. Also super cute.  I love how they cuddle up together around the iPad.
I made them up a little Popcorn Bar
This is super easy and can also work for sleepovers. A bag of popcorn, cute popcorn boxes and candy. The kids each got their own popcorn box and added the candy in they wanted.  Honestly, if you have random candy hanging around the house (we definitely do) then just use those. No need to make it difficult.
I would love to know what your favourite family Netflix shows and movies are. I’ll be sharing our binge-watching favs soon, but we’re always looking for more to watch.


  1. We LOVE Netflix in our house! We are always fighting over the iPads and tv's haha. Such a fun idea, especially for a sleepover!

  2. We adore Netflix! Currently bingeing on some old seasons of Property Brothers, but also love the Death at Pemberley series!

  3. My littlest is almost 5 so family movie night is just starting to happen here and I'm pretty excited about it!

  4. We just got rid of cable and joined Netflix last week! We're all loving it! My husband and I absolutely loved Sense8 and can't wait for the next season. Amazing original programming.

  5. We're still catching cable mostly for the news, sports and HGTV/Food, etc. But we're huge Netflix fans too. When the grandkids come over, that's all that's on. There are so many choices.

  6. We have soooo many family favourites on Netflix... SOOOOO many! Nanny McFee is one of them!

  7. We're a Netflix household, too! I can't even wrap my head around cable anymore!!


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