Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Basement Bathroom is Complete!

The bathroom is complete. Yup, complete. I’m doing the happy dance over here. I feel like our basement renovation has been going on for so long and even though the necessities of the bathroom have been finished for awhile, it needed to become a space, our space. Here is what we started with…

To this…
 I didn't know we lived on a beach...holy sand!
To this…
To this...
Let’s start with the floor. We went for an industrial look.
This wasn’t going to be our main bathroom and it’s in the basement, so why not do something fun. I knew I wanted a mixture of brown, grey and black and this was the starting off point.
When you’re thinking about a bathroom floor I encourage you to add in-floor heating. I had never had it before and I’m sold. I wrote all about the in-floor heating a couple of months ago. Warm toes = happy feet.

Paint. The colour that we chose is the same colour throughout the basement. We went with Tulle White by CIL. While the bathroom has a window, it’s frosted, so I didn’t want to make the space feel dark. If you have a powder room upstairs, regardless of window or not…I say go bold. Go black, navy…oh luxe. However, in a basement you’re trying to create the feeling of not being underground.
Storage. Does your bathroom need it? You’ll likely need somewhere to at least put your towels. All the hardware in the basement came from Wakefield, ON when my friend Lisa and I went on our girlstrip.

The cage on the clock lends to the industrial feel but next to the soft towels it just feels right.

You know how much I’m in love with the light but can I also tell you about the faucet? I wanted something that wasn’t traditional but still functional, given that this bathroom is going to be used a lot. I chose this faucet by Delta … a long time ago when I first shared my bathroom inspiration board.
I loved that the chrome matched the chrome in the shower and on the light.
The waterfall effect gave it that edge factor and Delta’s quality is amazing.
Remember when I shared with you the new Touch 20 that we installed in our kitchen? That’s been a lifesaver. The kids love the faucet. Anytime someone wants to see how the basement is coming along, the kids take them right down to see how the water comes out of the faucet J A few added touches here and there and voila! A bathroom that we love.

Do you see the toilet paper holder there? I made it in five minutes at the hardware store. Stay tuned, I’ll share the deets with you soon.
Keep it Beautiful.


  1. I LOVE it! I'm jealous of the heated floor - I want that so bad. That was quite the job, well done!

  2. That looks amazing! I wish you had done our basement bathroom. It does not look so amazing.

  3. Love your vision. Everything looks so good!

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT LOOKS AMAZING. I AM SO ENVIOUS!!!! I love your style. If I could get my crap together, I would be you. I swear.

  5. I love this. It looks fantastic. The whole style is awesome, but I especially love the light fixture and the faucet.

  6. Your bathroom is AWESOME. Love the flooring and the faucet!!

  7. wow, that bathroom is gorgeous!! I want it in my house, not in my basement ;o) pinned!

  8. Gorgeous! Love all of your choices! The flooring and faucet are so fabulous :)


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