Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to Create Industrial Shelves - An Easy DIY

hey everyone. long time no chatty. how you been? how is it November? The fall has flown by and it's been a zoo over here. I"m sorry I've been a little MIA, I have lots to share with you for the holiday season. Miss you! We took down all the Halloween decor on Saturday and now the house just feels naked. I'm so ready to bust out the holiday decor love. Are you ready? I've decided this year that I"m going to decorate way earlier (like start this weekend) so that I can actually enjoy the season and not be running around at the last minute trying to decorate, shop and entertain. There will be balance. At least in my head this is how it's going to go. Right? Right. 

Today, I don't have holiday decor just yet but wanted to tell you how to make these...

 and show you how we added them to our kitchen to give it a little shake up. I'm talking easy peasy and I love it. About three weeks ago, Mr. Fix-It and I randomly decided to paint the kitchen. The kitchen was not our first room on the list to re-paint but I started walking around with paint test pots throughout the main floor and the only room we could decide on the colours was, the kitchen. 

We put the kids down and had a painting party. Party of two. Of course, wine and beer crashed the party! We picked:

BM Grey Owl for the walls

BM Chelsea Grey for an accent walls (nope, accent walls are not dead)

Trim White for the cabinets and trim. All the white (trim, cabinets, fireplace) is painted BM Cloud White but I was really wanting to return to the bright and crisp contrast of wall colour and white trim. So, all the white in the house is going to trim white. Loving it in the kitchen.
I'm always thinking of painting the entire house white. I love it. Lurve it. But, obviously this is not ideal. So, it was a bit out of the box for me to choose the Chelsea Grey for one of the kitchen walls. But, it looks really great. If you look hard enough you can find a green undertone, but if there is nothing green around it doesn't pick it up in this room. Don't forget that what paint looks like in one person's house will not look the same in your own. It's all about the light and your decor. 
So, remember when I showed you how to make the industrial toilet paper holder? Honestly, it was so easy and buying them online is $$$ for the exact same thing. Barnboard is another trendy decor look right now. We need a new fence on one side of the backyard and have random boards that have broken away (good thing we have a big vine thing that covers the holes) and I knew they would make great shelves. Enter in a DIY.
Step 1 - Hit the hardware store. In the plumbing aisle, you need a flange, a medium size pipe (although you can choose whatever length you need) and a cap. That's it. You'll need two sets/shelf. 
Step 2 - Spray the piping with a metal primer. You need this or the spray paint won't stick to the metal. Don't skip this step!

Step 3 - Once the primer is dry, spray the pipes with your desired colour. For the toilet paper holder, I used a spray that had an "iron finish" look. For the kitchen shelves I chose black mat spray. Once they are dry, measure where you want them on your wall and secure. We didn't have any black screws so once they were all in place I dabbed the screws with black paint using a q-tip. Sorry for the blurry photo, it was pretty late when we were installing them.

Step 4 - Cut your wood boards (barnboard, fence board, deck boards...anything that's been outside for awhile will look fab! The more weathered the better) to the size you need. Place them on top of the brackets and VOILA! Fresh.Fabulous.Sophisticated industrial shelves. 

I'm definitely going to do more of the shelves in the basement bathroom. They're useful and look great for next to nothing. Take that Restoration Hardware shelving!

We need to paint the living room and dining room before Christmas because I've got test spots all over the walls. That or just hope that we have the current paint colour in the basement so that I can cover up the paint tests until January! 
I'm working on a couple new pillow designs for the holiday season and sharing our holiday mantle with you next week. Told ya I'm starting to feel the Christmas love!
Keep it Beautiful.

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