Friday, October 28, 2016


TGIF! Hope you've had a great week. Ready for Halloween? We decorated the house last week and the kids are PUMPED. We have a vampire, golden Power Ranger and a fairy princess. Too much cuteness.

Tonight, is family-movie-night and so, obviously...Netflix. Is there any other choice ;)

I've rounded up Netflix shows and movies for your haunted viewing.

And when the kids go down, can you handle the scary stuff? Okay, Hatchet..looks, well terrifying. Not sure this will be my pick!

Stranger Things is the latest fav for a lot of people. Mr. Fix-It and I have it on our list to start this weekend.

The kids have already said that Hotel Transylvania is the first movie they want to watch tonight, while eating McDonald's and carving their pumpkins. Sounds good to me but I'll definitely add a glass of wine to my hand.

I hope you have a fabulous halloween weekend. While I would prefer if Halloween night fell on a weekend every year, it's kind of fun to enjoy it through the whole weekend to lead up to Monday night. Enjoy your trick-or-treaters and scary movies.

Keep it Beautiful.

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