Friday, November 18, 2016


Having downtime is critical to me. It's critical to all of us. Mr. Fix-It and I need downtime together away from the hustle of work, the busyness of after-school activities, cooking, cleaning, homework - the spin. Mr. Fix-It and I have Netflix series that we love to watch together. Honestly, there have been some series (Homeland, Orange is the New Black, Suits) that we have even rushed to put our kids down to bed (go ahead, judge me) so that we could run to the tv room to start our marathon viewing. However, there are shows on Netflix that appeal to each of us individually. 

Mr. Fix-It likes the suspensful good-cop-bad-cop shows, but sometimes I find them too dark to watch before bed. I'm drawn to the leading lady shows. She might make me laugh, cry or feel empowered - I like that before I go to bed. My very fav Netflix series right now (full disclosure: I"M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO IT AND HAVE A WHOLE NEW APPRECIATION FOR THIS REAL LIFE LEADING LADY) is...
The series (only one season so far) gives you a snapshot of a young Queen Elizabeth. I really have known nothing about our Queen except that she's always perfectly dressed, sortof looks like my Nana and has the infamous wave. After watching this season, I see her in a completely different light. I was blown away by the letter that her grandmother wrote to her, it encourages the Queen to find strength from within and to be an icon.  We will never be the Queen of England but we can be a beacon for each other, for our family, for ourselves.
 Even in the Orange is the New Black, those women inmates - all together, all the time. They tear each other down but they too build each other up. We need to not act on jealousy. We need to not act on hate. It makes us ugly. 

This month, if you're looking for empowering ladies, tune in to some of these shows. You'll feel good. Promise. Oh, and speaking of ladies...GILMORE GIRLS is on Netflix this month! WHAT?! NOVEMBER 29th is the date! Save it! Call your mom. Have her over for a Gilmore Girls date night.

Keep it beautiful.


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