Monday, May 2, 2016

Personalizing Your Space with Canvas Champ

Most of you know that I love a fabulous gallery wall and surrounding my home in family photos. However, you know what I’m not good at? Updating those photos. It’s the classic first child versus third child syndrome. Most of the photos are of our older son and less and less of our middle and third children. Bad mummy. So, I'm on a mission to update the photos in the house and starting with adding udpated pics to the basement walls. 

Personalizing a space is the fun part about decorating. One rainy afternoon, I gave the kids a blank canvas, paint brushes and let them go to town. I told them their art was for the basement and they each decided to paint a rainbow, given the rainy day. They're in no particular order but you can likely tell who's is who's and I just love how they turned out. 
It was these three paintings that provided the direction for the finishing touches in the basement. They're whimsical, personal, colourful and made with love by their tiny hands. These are exactly the kinds of finishing touches that we wanted in our new space.
Over the couch, we added a picture ledge from Ikea with a few frames. 
We’re a beach-summer loving family so I thought it would be fitting to add in photos from our recent family trip to Mexico. 
However, I haven't decided which photos to put in all the frames, but I knew of one particular beach photo that needed a home on this ledge. It was one of those picture-worthy moments that was unplanned, natural and just happened. When Canvas Champ reached out for me to try out one of their photo canvas pieces, I thought it would be perfect for this photo.

It was really easy to navigate the Canvas Champ website. You click on the size you want or you can customize which is really great if you have odd measurements for the space.
Upload your image and then a feature that I really like is they show you what it will look like in a real space.
The prices are ah-mazing. I have some fabulouso coupon codes below. The product came quickly, I'm impressed with the quality and really like the wrap around of the photo. Some companies glue the design right over top of an existing canvas but this one is the real deal.
The orange in the boys shirts was the exact colour that I wanted to pop. Now the wall flows. The colours work well together, it's bright and my cuties look adorbs. Its a wall of love, a wall of them.

Even better, Canvas Champ is having a massive sale on right now. I mean MASSIVE. 85% off canvas + free shipping. Can't beat it!

Here are some fab coupon codes. Go get em! Personalize your walls, you'll love the result.

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Keep it Beautiful.

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