Friday, April 22, 2016

Netflix Siblings Playlist + a Fun Freebie!

Happy Friday everyone!

Netflix. I wanted to share yet another reason why I love it so much. Honestly, they get it. They just do. You all know by now that we are a Netflix loving and addicted family. We’ve actually reduced our channels to basic cable and Netflix has become how we watch tv shows and movies. Each night our three kiddies watch a show before bed and each night it’s the same fight between them of what they’re going to watch. 

Yup, these cuties are super adorable but when they can't agree on a show to watch...not so adorable.

 Enter in the best.idea.ever. 

Netflix Siblings Playlist. Can I get an amen? This month, kids can choose from “Tale of Two Distant Ages” playlist to the “Sugar and Spice” collection, offering something for every sibling squad to watch and enjoy together.  

  • Tale of Two Distant Ages – caters to your 5 year old and 14 year old.
  • Sugar and Spice – if one kid is sassy and the other is sweet. This is it.
  • Meet in the Middle Playlist – Deciding on a genre is hardest when it comes to watching together. From comedy to action, this playlist has titles that have a little bit of everything for everyone.
So it’s awesome. On school nights, each child has a turn and they get to pick from whatever playlist they want and what show they want to watch. It’s a one-stop shop because it’s taken out the stalling process where they get on each other's nerves trying to decide. Thank you Neflix!

It’s also not just for kids. Mr. Fix-it, my brother and sister-in-law and I are always talking about our fav new shows and its big time trouble if anyone leaks any spoilers. We’re no longer fighting over the remote, but championing our new fav Neflix show to get the other one hooked. It’s crazy this Netflix addiction.

This month the favs have been…
Broad Church – okay so this show is awesome. But it’s dark and twisted yet the acting is awesome and leaves you guessing till the end. Try it.

Downton Abbey – Season 5 has been released. Yes!

Time for the fun freebie.  Remember fortune tellers? 

I remember making these in class, although it was all about who you were going to marry ;) You can use it with your crew to decide what you’ll watch. 

Even better, I've attached a blank template for you to fill out your fav shows and play. My kids love the novelty of it and no more fights...well at least over Netflix ;)

Click here for the fortune teller that is already filled out.
Click here for the black fortune teller. 

Head over to my Instagram and see the fortune teller in action.

Keep it beautiful.

Disclosure: I love Netflix and you love Netflix. It’s a match made in heaven. As you know I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team and I love to share the latest shows and addiction with you. 

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  1. Great list Alicia! I am about as obsessed with Netflix as you are - LOVE Downtown Abbey. I devoured season 5 in a week :) Great giveaway idea! So, so clever! This just may be the thing to use to keep the peace in my home - between hubby and I, that is ;)


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