Monday, June 1, 2015

How To Give Your Room An "UP-DO"

Hope you all had a nice weekend. All was good here. We did lots of playing outside and hanging with friends. With all the renovation planning, discussion & shopping for the basement, my head is swirling with ideas for the other rooms in my house. Decorating…it’s my jam. Creating beautiful spaces makes my tummy feel all warm inside. After the basement is done, the next big plan is to revamp the main floor and build another addition. But…that’s not for another little while, like 5 years or so while. Feels.So.Far.Away.

However, I’m a big believer in making changes for the present. You might not have the budget right now to gut an entire room, but you can give your space something I’m calling an “up-do”. Not a “re-do”, not a “make-over”, but small steps. When you go to the salon for an “up-do”, you keep your hair, you just pretty it up a bit. Same thing with a room “up-do”.  You give the basics a lift. You’ll love the changes, your wallet will thank you and your room will look fab.
I’ve been feeling like my kitchen has needed a little “up-do”.  You’ll remember, when we moved in 5 years ago, our kitchen looked like this (sorry for the grainy photo- it was the photo on the house listing sheet).

Isn’t that fish wallpaper and green trim beauty?! What were they thinking!  So we did strip the wallpaper, laid new hardwood, painted out all the cabinets, changed the hardware and replaced the countertop. It’s fresh, light and airy. No more fish.

First plan on the “up-do” was to start with the Spring clean.  Is it just our house, or why is there random crumbs always in the cutlery drawer? It’s a mystery to me. It’s not like we put dirty cutlery in there? It’s right out of the dishwasher! I dunno.  In any event, it was time for the kitchen to get some deep clean love. Do you use vinegar to clean? The good ‘ole fashion works and it’s chemical free.

So after the good scrub, the kitchen was smelling good and fresh.  Sure it was clean, but it was time for the “up-do”. We love to entertain, and of course, the party always ends up in the kitchen so we needed a few extra places for folks to sit and chat while we were cooking or just hanging in the kitchen.  I picked up these stools to do just that.

I like how the modern feel of the chrome meets the traditional beadboard on the wall.

We then added my fav new piece. The faucet. 

I’m in love. Not only has the Delta Touch 2O Kitchen Faucet made our lives in the kitchen easier, but it’s gorg. When we get home from the office, the kids are starving, my baby girl is always on my hip, I’m trying to cook dinner, someone always has grimy hands, Mr. Fix-It is usually trying to make lunch for the next day and the kitchen looks like a bomb hit it. This faucet allows you to be hands free. Amazing! No for real, I can touch this beauty anywhere with my forearm when my hands are covered in raw chicken and it turns on. The water flow starts and stops on a dime anywhere you touch it.

It’s my new hero in the kitchen and taken my cleaning and cooking game to the next level.  And, the best part is that the quality is amazing and it looks like a jewel in the kitchen.  You can read about all the deets here if you want to know more.
Last step to the “up-do” was to re-asses what was needed on the counter. If you don’t have much counter space, why clutter it up with stuff that you don’t have to have on there?!  Or, if you don’t use something every day then you need to love the look of it to stay on the counter. For example, the mixer. Love that beauty. I don’t use it everyday but I love it…so it stays.
“Goby” our fish stays too :)
Some pretty accents, a few fresh flowers and voila…kitchen UP-DO complete!
And now, my reward for all this kitchen “up-do” hard work. Fresh water and orange slices! Maybe something else with a little extra kick to add in there after dinner ;)
Have you recently done an “up-do” to a room in your house? 
What did you do to pretty-it-up?
Keep It Beautiful.
Although this post has been generously sponsored by Delta Faucet, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Delta Faucet.


  1. Your kitchen looks amazing! And the faucet - beautiful. We need a new one in our kitchen - the one the builders installed is already falling apart!

  2. Greetings Allicia, Love your Roman blind, please fill in any details. xx Mrs. M.

    1. It was one of my very first posts I ever did :) I love that roman blind. You can read how to do it here if you are looking for an easy project. It's super easy and you don't have to sew!

  3. You have a very nice kitchen and a nice faucet, I like it a lot. Love those stools also.

  4. This looks amazing! Esp. love that faucet! Gorgeous!

  5. What a dramatic change! I love it and the Delta faucet is amazing! Enjoy the new space :)

  6. What a beautiful transformation! Such a lovely space!

  7. Love how you kept the fish!! It's absolutely gorgeous! Love all the white - so fresh.

  8. This is such a great reminder to tackle in bite-sized pieces and reap the rewards of satisfaction in small steps... makes for more rewards, right? ;-) I loved your little comment about the crumbs in the drawer - that made me laugh, because I have the very same thought... and the very same state in the cutlery drawer!

  9. Wow, you've done an amazing job in there! Your kitchen looks so fresh and clean and I'm the same way as you about counters - less is more!

  10. What a great reminder that small changes can create amazing impact in a space. Bravo!!

  11. Thanks everyone! Even small changes makes a difference. The stools are great for extra seating and my new faucet is amazing. Like amazing!


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