Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Mantle for Fall

Hi everyone!

How has it been two weeks since my last post? The last two weeks has been seriously nuts! My office job has me working harder and longer hours than ever before. I'm really loving my job right now but with all the busyness at the office and working at night, it's been hard to talk to all of you. I also attended an incredible conference a couple of weekends ago, called BlogPodium. I had such a great time! If you can believe it, it was the 3rd time in 6 years that I was away without any of my kids! Yikes. I've gone away many times since they've been born but I've always had at least one babe on my hip. This conference weekend...I.was.free! Yup, it felt so great! I learned tons, met great people, connected with fellow bloggers, saw some of my family, went to see the musical Wicked with my mum & Aunt Mary and RELAXED. I so needed it.

Please bear with me while my day job has me working ALOT! I have lots of ideas I want to share with you, it just might take a little while to get them all to you. With the arrival of Fall on Sunday, I did say good-bye to summer and hello to crisp mornings, cozy sweaters and a new mantle for Fall.

Have you decorated for Fall yet? I went hunting around my house and came up with this simple mantle.

I used these faux pumpkins on my Halloween mantle last year but paired with this square Fall wreath (it was my Nana's), they don't look so Halloweenie!

This is one of my new brown insulators that I got at an amazing Antique Shop. I will definitely tell you all about it soon. It was like nothing I had seen before. Have you seen the show Hoarders? Well, this place could have it's own show! But, there were lots of great gems waiting to be scooped up.


So that's my simple, clean and fresh Fall mantle. As much as I love summer, there is something about creating cozy Fall spaces with pops of colour as the weather cools. Keep it easy. Fresh.Fabulous.Sophisticated.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. I love the idea of putting the pumpkins on those candle holders!

  2. What a lovely mantle!! I still have my Summer look up... I know, bad! It's a busy time of year getting back into routines, isn't it? Maybe I'll do something like yours, the orange really pops!

  3. So striking with the pops of orange on white! That square wreath is awesome :)

  4. Very nice. I like simple and clean decor like this.

  5. Love your mantle! Changing up a mantle is such a nice way to mark the changing seasons.


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