Friday, March 28, 2014

Home Office TLC!

Hey guys,

Do you have a home office? Does it consist of you parked on the couch with your laptop? The kitchen table? Or are you lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to a home office? Oooh, I would so love my very own room.  However, we just don't have that luxury of extra space in our home so my home office is shared with our guest room. You've seen our guest room before as well as my desk makeovers here and here.

Because my office is shared with the guest room, it needs to be creative because of space issues.  While I've loved working at this desk, it's definitely time to move on to something more functional, something that will fit into a small space, match the style of the room, allow for some creative storage and inspire creativity. So, I decided to enter into the Staples "Make More Happen" Contest and create my wishlist of office furniture and supplies that would help make working and blogging to you all a whole lot easier! Here is what I've come up with...

Desk: This desk would fit perfectly (I measured!) This desk definitely has more surface space then my current desk and I love the look of the white and chrome. The storage drawers could hold my fabric samples, paint chits etc as well as the usual paper, pens and daytimer. Oh how I need storage!
Chair: Me likey! Not only do I love the look but the fact that it's armless is a great space saver. I found the yellow chair at the cottage in a corner and while I love the colour, its really not very comfortable. This white armless desk chair would tuck nicely under the desk, look fab and be a lot more comfortable for those late night blogging fests!
Printer: I totally need a printer. To save precious desk space, this wireless one would be oh-so-perfect on a shelf above the desk.
Lamp: Let there be light! Most of my work is done at night so my current lamp that I'm using is across the room and not very effective. This desk lamp would be so much better, looks nice on the desk and be easier on my eyes. Maybe that's why my eye prescription keeps changing!?
Board: Dry-erase board to keep important notes with a pocket to store receipts/invoices, client appointments and upcoming events.
Label Maker: Oh the possibilities are endless! Labels keep you organized and you know how much I love a good organizing challenge!
Clock: I love that this clock doesn't take up a lot of real estate desk space and will keep me on time.
Sticky Notes: How fresh.fabulous.sophisticated is this diamond sticky notes holder. Perfect!

Whatcha think?

I love it and would love to win. Fingers crossed!

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Perfect picks, Alicia! I'm a white office girl too. Love that dry erase board with the pockets - genius. I'm lucky enough to have my own room for my office (but I had to fight the family for it!)

  2. Looks great Alicia. Crossing my fingers for you. I might have to check this contest out too!


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