Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Things You Need from the Dollar Store!

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend? We had a rough one. At one point, all 5 of us were down and out with the stomach bug. B.R.U.T.A.L! I think Mr. Fix-It and I washed the sheets from various beds 4 times throughout the night on Saturday. Yup, glad it's over! Hope your weekend was better than ours.

So you know how much I love the dollar store. How can you not? I go in there for one or two things and come out with bags of what? Of awesomeness! I've compiled a list...

1. Gift wrap, bows, party plates...oh my!

For real, who buys expensive gift bags anymore? If you are still paying $5 for a gift bag then seriously, you need to enter the dollar store and stock up on every colour gift bag and bow they have. Need plates for a party? Napkins? They've got it.

2. Batteries

We're always looking for batteries in our house. Always! It's hard to find a toy in this house that doesn't ring, beep or have a siren on it. They all need batteries. The dollar store will hook you up!

3. Baskets & Bins
Baskets and bins keep your life organized, tidy, clean and sane.

4. Crafts
Whether you're looking for a craft to do with the kids or you want to paint a wooden box, the dollar store has tons of options for $1 - $3. Awesome.

5. Household Stuff

Sponges, spatulas, kitchen timers...the list goes on. One of my fav items is the foil that comes in individual squares (perfect size for a baked potato)

6. Seasonal Items

Easter is coming...

7. Toiletries and First Aid

Toothbrushes, small shampoo bottles, cotton balls, band aids. Perfect spot to make a first aid kit for the car and to stock up on toiletries for your guests or vacationing.

8. Party Items
 Having a party? Need to fill some loot bags? The dollar store has tons of glow sticks, hats, necklaces...anything to make a fun costume or light up your night.  Kids love these glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces.

9. Stationary
Where's my pen? Paper, pencils, binders, folders, staples. You name it.

10. Kids Stuff

 Toys, trinkets, loot bag fillers. I definitely don't suggest letting your baby put any of these things in their mouths, but there are some cute toys in the dollar store that I call "keep them happy in the grocery store" kind of toys. I usually try to have a few of these stashed in the car.
What are your fav items at the dollar store? Is there something there that you always go in for? Do you have a top 10?
Keep it Beautiful.

*This is not a sponsored post. I just love a good dollar store and wanted to pass my love on to you.


  1. Ugh. We had the same weekend! Thankfully it was over quickly. Where's your top dollar store in Ottawa? I'm curious about those baskets you organize so well with.

  2. Great list! We just bought tons of sparklers for our wedding exit this summer! I also buy craft supplies there!

  3. I love checking out the baskets and bins at the dollar store, it must be the organizer in me. This is a great round up and I always come out with much more than I went in for.

  4. Love the bins and baskets at the dollar store! I redid my pantry last year using only dollar store bins. So handy (and cheap)!

  5. I LOVE dollar store baskets for my pantry and line closet organization. And of course, the glass items are usually pretty great too. But I find myself spending MOST of my time in the craft section. LOVE!


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