Friday, May 25, 2012

One Person's Trash is Another's Treasure

Its only one more day until the Great Glebe Garage Sale so I thought we would continue talking about trash to treasure...

A few weeks ago I was driving down my street around 9pm and spotted a whole bunch of stuff on someone's curb. I slowed down, looked over the curbside and saw an old secretary's desk just sitting waiting to be eyed. Good thing it was dark because I knew I would feel super weird if the people in the house actually saw me taking their junk into my car. So, I stop the car and stealthly walk over to the desk that is calling my name from the lonely curb. It has good bones, needs work but would be a great piece in my guest room and a perfect spot for me to sit at and blog.

Hmmm, how am I going to get this thing in my car? I'll go get Mr. Fix-it. Just then, the owner of the home opens his front door! Gasp! I've been seen. Akward.

He comes over to me and asks me if I need some help hauling the desk into my car. More akward. He then proceeds to tell me that his mother had lived in the house and she was a hoarder. A real life hoarder? Oh, I SOOO wanted to see inside. However, ten minutes of his life story he said he had found this desk under piles of clothing and he remembered sitting at it as a child. He was happy to see it go and I was happy with the vision of it in my guest room.

I get down the street and Mr. Fix-it helps me carry it downstairs to the basement for its transformation.

Here is what the desk looked like when it called my name from the curb:

Looks like someone liked stickers?!


- Sand Paper
- Paint Brushes
- Mini roller brush
- Primer
- Paint
- Scredriver
- Hardware
- Pretty Paper (I got mine from Michael's)
- Glue (white craft glue or spray adhesive)

Here is what I did:

- Washed the desk with some mild soap and water - it was super dusty and the primer won't stick to the dust.
- Removed the hardware and the drawers
- Gave the desk and drawers a quick sand all over
- Primed the desk and drawers with a coat of primer using a medium sized paintbrush
- Once everything was dry I used a paintbrush to do the first coat of paint. The paint colour is high gloss Benjamin Moore - Cloud White. I let it dry over night.
- Painted a second coat on with the small roller brush so that it didn't leave any brush strokes.
- Once all the paint was dry I cut the paper to the size needed for the back of the desk and glued it on with standard white craft glue. You can use spray adhesive also.
- Add some new hardware and...


I just realized I dont have a final picture with the new hardware. I'll make sure to take one this weekend and upload it. Silly me! Right now I haven't put the door back on as I'm not sure it needs it (I covered up all those stickers with the pretty paper).

This desk is the perfect size for our guest room and a great little spot for me to sit and blog. It has lots of little nooks and drawer space for the laptop, pens, design inspiration and ideas, paper clips etc.

Another person's trash can be your fresh.fabulous.sophisticated treasure.

Keep it Beautiful

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