Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Overwhelmed to Organized - Spring Cleaning Series

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm going to switch it up a bit on Wednesdays. For the next few weeks I'm going to be doing a new series instead of Wednesday Yummies. It's called:

Maybe going back to work in a month has got me on an organizing frenzy but I think it's more that Spring is around the corner (fingers crossed) and we all get that organizing itch! So, every Wednesday I'm going to share tips and tricks for organizing your spaces to keep them fresh.fabulous.sophisticated. There is something cathartic about getting rid of the junk and seeing organized spaces. Next week we're going to start with the junk cupboard. Yup, it's not just a junk drawer, its a cupboard! Oh my!

Seeing how today is supposed to be Wednesday Yummies, I can't leave you with nothing. Here are a few ideas from Pinterest for this Sunday's upcoming Oscars. Are you having people over to watch them or hanging on your couch in your comfies as the stars strut their stuff and diamonds on the red carpet? I'll definitely be doing the latter but looking forward to having a yummy cocktail in hand and treating myself to something delish. Just click on my Pinterest Board and look around for some fab Oscars recipes.

Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. Oh yes spring fever has hit me hard with wanting to paint and organize everything in sight. But it's also a great to actually clean out some spaces while doing said painting and organizing.
    And I'm having my kids' birthday dinner on Sunday (planned before I realized it was Oscar Sunday), hopefully the guests don't stay too late.


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