Monday, March 3, 2014

This Aint Your Gramma's Wallpaper - Big & Bold

Hey everyone!

Have a good weekend? Did you watch the Oscars last night? Love those awards. Ellen was hilarious, I thought Portia De Rossi's dress was gorg and loved Jared Leto's acceptance speech. All this over-the-top got me thinking about over-the-top wallpaper patterns.

When we bought our house, it was covered, head-to-toe in wallpaper! I think we were in the house for an hour before we started to ferociously peel it off. Maybe it's because the entire house was covered in it that I had decided then never to put it in my house again, however wallpaper patterns have evolved and so have my thoughts on them.

Big, bold wallpaper is trending like crazy and can make a huge impact in a room. I love when clients want to go bold, take chances and choose wallpaper prints that haven't been seen in their Gramma's house.

Here are some graphic and bold patterns that could look fresh.fabulous.sophisticated in the right space!
This orange and grey paper looks gorgeous paired with the trellis rug!

If you are looking for a statement on the wall, this is it.

I love this sunny wallpaper in a bathroom. Putting wallpaper in a powder room is a great way to use bold patterns without being surrounded by it all the time in your main bathroom.
 This bold pattern paired with the wood counter...J'aime!

What "tween" wouldn't love this bedroom? It's all about the wallpaper!

Mega cool...

Something I don't recommend is going with a relatively small, busy pattern. Yup, it will definitely create bold impact but can be overwhelming and dizzying. For example:
Not sure how calming this would be in your bedroom
Yikes, I draw the line with the red birds!
Florida anyone?
Are you a risk taker? Daring enough to go bold with wallpaper? I'm thinking of putting it in our ensuite when it's time to take on the reno. Or maybe in our basement bathroom. least I have time to get up the guts to go bold and daring!

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. I love wallpaper! We did our powder room recently. It took FOREVER but the results were so worth it!

  2. When we bought the Forever Home it was covered in wall paper as well. After taking it all down and then realizing we might has well just rip all the drywall off too I could never put wall paper up again. Although some of those you have posted above are beautiful!

  3. I'm loving today's big and bold wallpaper and the powder room is the perfect place to embrace it. I have done this and it always a hit with visitors.

  4. Hmmm, I like wallpaper but not when it's too overwhelming (like that bedroom) pretty paper though - thanks!

  5. I love big bold wallpaper! I especially like that big geometric pattern down those stairs! Thanks!

  6. Love your roundup! That orange paper up top is gorgeous - I'd love to try out something like that.


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