Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Paint!

Hey everyone!

Long time no chat! We're back from our vacation to Mexico and it was oh-so-fabulous! We played, we swam, we drank, we ate, we were together! It was such a nice way to break up this crazy winter we've been having.

Now that we're back I have a few projects up my sleeve that I want to tackle. One of them is painting the playroom. You've seen our playroom before. I'm always on a mission trying to figure out how to re-organize it to make it more functional and less cluttered! Our playroom is at the back of the house. It is a tiny room that opens from the dining room and a good spot to keep the kids toys and play.
When we first painted the house, we painted the front hall, living room and playroom the same colour, Farrow & Ball Ringwold Ground. I've told you before that it just didn't work in the house. I felt like it looked dirty and didn't give the space any depth. You can see it here where it used to be in the front hall. It's the yellowy beige colour.

So...the only Ringwold Ground left in the house is in the playroom and it's time for it to go. Here is what the contrast looks like between the dining room and play room.

Here's my thought on paint colours. I'm thinking dark. The entire room is filled with windows so light isn't an issue and I love the dark navy colour in the boys room. Just because it's a playroom doesn't mean that it has to be covered in primary colours and decals. The living and dining room are Benjamin Moore - Stonington Grey:

so let's anchor the back of the house with something darker and stronger. Choosing the perfect grey can be tough. Greys can have blue, green, brown and purple undertones. If you're thinking about painting with grey make sure you try the colour in different lights. I find that the Stonington Grey looks much more blue in the house at night and more grey during the day.

Here are some options for the playroom (these are all Benjamin Moore colours):
Whatcha think? What's your pick? Have a fav? Have a definite "no way"? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Love Rock Gray , Kendall Charocal and Granite.

  2. That Deep Caviar looks gorgeous! May have to get myself a sample!

  3. I say go light ... BM Pale Oak. It is a sun room .... ♡JP

  4. Love your family pic! I'm actually just back from a trip to Mexico too! You're the 3rd blogger I know of who went, maybe it was blogger week ;) Love the granite.

  5. Oh, hard to choose - I like them all!! What is on the same paint chip as Stonington Grey? is there a darker colour on that strip? Then you know it would "go" with the Stonington Grey if it had the same undertones. That's just my 2 cents!

    1. Heather, the darkest grey on the strip is Coventry Grey, also beauty and I have it in my hallway so that could be an option. So many choices!

  6. oooh thanks everyone! I know, its a toughy...they are all so pretty. Hmmm.

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