Monday, September 24, 2012

OPERATION: Playroom Organization 101

Is it just me, or do you feel like you are constantly tidying. Honestly, there are days where I feel like a human garbage constantly picking up, sorting and organizing! Most of the time I'm tidying up after the kids but also for Mr. Fix-it and myself. Mr. Fix-it is actually a pretty tidy guy, but there are always empty glasses to collect from rooms, random socks hanging around and I admit my clothes can get OUT.OF.CONTROL!

This weekend in particular, the kid's messy playroom was staring at me. Its amazing how many toys you can collect over a short period of time. Everywhere I looked, there seemed to be random toys in all different places. From toys that neither kids play with anymore, to random pieces just hanging out looking for their mates, to broken crayons...something had to be done!

Enter...Operation: playroom organization 101!

Tip #1:

Do this with stealth. If my big guy saw me going through all his toys and puting some of them in the Goodwill bag...yikes...wouldn't go over well. So, while the boys and Mr. Fix-it were at the park, my stealth mission began.

Its amazing how fast this process can go actually. Either your kids play with something or they don't. Will they miss it or notice it if its gone? If the answer is no...then off to another home it goes.

To start sorting, I just kept sorting items on my dining room table...

Tip #2:

Drawers/bins/baskets are key. Ikea has some cute playroom organization bins, desks and cupboards. Perfect for all those dinky cars, princess jewels and Tonka trucks.

Or pirate swords...

Tip #3:

Create areas of play. If your child loves wearing costumes and playing dress up, then put them all together. Mr. Fix-it drilled a few hooks into the wall at the level that the kids could reach and I hung up all their costumes there.

Does your child like to draw? Paint? Add a little mini table just the right size for them. That way they can sit and create their masterpieces.

Tip #4:

Organize the art supplies. The randomness of the art supplies is what got me to organize the playroom. They were everywhere. See photo!

I bought this little drawer set at Walmart. Its perfect for all the paper, paint, stickers, glitter, felt etc.

The Dollarstore had these clear plastic containers that fit the odds and ends perfectly. Voila!! fresh.fabulous.sophisticated and ORGANIZED art drawers!

Tip #5:

Set up an IN/OUT network. Our big guy hadn't played with the Duplo blocks in awhile but wasn't ready to part with them because I know they will be perfect for our little guy I put them in a Tupperware bin in the basement and filled the bin in the playroom with something else. When our big guy is looking for them again...VOILA, out come the blocks.

So, when the playroom is starting to get out of control and driving you crazy, organize stealthly!!

Today is my first day back to work. Gulp!

Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. So nice! I especially love your tip for organizing art supplies. Those dollar store organizers are an awesome way to gather up all those little pieces. Thanks for the toy organization inspiration!


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