Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Friday: Keep It Beautiful Designs Seminar

Happy Friday everyone!

I've got something fun to share with you. If you are in the Ottawa area and have a room in your home that needs some love then join me on February 4th from 7-9pm and together, we will make your space fresh.fabulous.sophisticated.

Participants will submit photos of a room in their home they feel needs some d├ęcor love and I will provide my advice and samples of how to make that room a beautiful space. It is also an opportunity to see what other rooms people need help with and how they can be transformed.

Would love to see you there on February 4th! Email me if you are interested.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. So exciting! Anyone who has seen your house will be signing up in a heartbeat. Enjoy the evening!


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