Monday, January 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Kick Start

Happy Monday everyone!

Did you have a good weekend? It was a busy weekend around here. We booked our trip down south with another family that we love. Woot! Woot!! Our big guy had his first ski lesson and I officially signed up for the Ottawa marathon in May. I love to run. Love it! I'm not a fast runner but there is something about the challenge of a good run that makes my soul sing. This will be my 4th marathon and start training in a couple of weeks. Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Did you know it's almost a month before Valentine's Day? It might be a cheesy-love-struck-day but! This is our big guy at the age of 2 bringing home some flowers.  Melt my heart!

So, here's a little craft that you can do for your Valentine or mini Valentine's this year. I did these last February for my boys and need to make another one for my baby girl. During the Valentine's week I put a little love note in their pouch before they come down for breaky.

These are so easy to do, it doesn't even need play-by-play photos. I actually 'hacked' the idea from Pottery Barn. Here's Pottery Barn's...
Pottery Barn
And here's mine..all supplies are from the dollar store. Most definitely less expensive the PB's. Sorry about the purple heart in the middle of the photo. Just wanted to give my kiddies' names some privacy.

I just glued up the sides of the foam, cut a triangle for the flap, hot glued the ribbon for the trim and added a few hearts for the opening.

A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated Valentine's day craft that is easy, inexpensive and can kick start your Valentine's Day d├ęcor.

Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. Very cute Alicia! I love Valentines day too...I can't wait to get decorating!

  2. What a great "hack"! I love it! My girls would be thrilled with these!

  3. So sweet Alicia, I like your version - very pretty!

  4. I love this idea, and your version is so colourful and fun! The photo of your little guy towing a wagon full of flowers for Mom melted my heart!! <3

  5. So, so cute. I love it! And good for you getting your holiday booked, we are going soon too! Yay!

  6. Oh goodness. The photo of your son is absolutely precious!! :)

  7. Adorable Alicia! And congrats on signing up for another marathon - I envy people that can do that.

  8. Sweet and simple! Thanks for the idea.

  9. What a sweet idea! I love creating little surprises that make the day more fun.

  10. So cute! I remember making holders for valentines in my class room as a kid :)

  11. All your comments are so lovely. Thank you so much, you make my heart smile.


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