Friday, November 29, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Advent Calendar

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!

Did you have a good week? TGIF? It's December 1st on Sunday!!! I know, crazy eh? Yup, crazy. That means the Advent calendars start on Sunday and the countdown to Christmas begins. My kids love the chocolate calendars. I know why they love them, because they get to eat the chocolate out of them after they finish their breakfast.

In kid world, having chocolate at breakfast time = TOTALLY.MAKES.THEIR.DAY!
Last year, I made up these little baggies in a basket filled with little items. This year, I took those baggies and made this...

I went down into Mr. Fix-It's workroom and found a long piece of MDF. Now, after spraying it...I wouldn't recommend using MDF because it doesn't hold the spray well (you can see in this pic. I had to spray it a few times to get solid coverage!). A good 'ole piece of actual wood likely would work way better! I rarely venture into Mr. Fix-It's work room. It's in our creepy basement, dingy and a total mess. I totally exposed you Mr. Fix-It!

Then I got out my hammer, nails, level and pencil and measured out 24 markers for holes. This is usually where Mr. Fix-It steps in, but he was at work so mama had to do it! Hammer those babies in...

I hung my 24 little baggies around the nail with a small knot and whipped out these for the numbers...

I bought the bags last year online at The Creative Bag, and picked up these cute little gift tags and marker at my good 'ole friend Michael's.

A little number love...

Tie the numbers on top of the bags and fill your bags with little goodies for each day. Cute eh? My boys are really excited!

Next week I'll give you some ideas for little gifts in your Advent calendars but starting on Sunday, why not put an ornament in there or a few candy canes for a little treat.

Stay tuned for next week. Lots going on. I have a great giveaway, a fun blogger round-up for the holidays (you won't want to miss it) and other fun stuff.

Have a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated weekend.

Keep it Beautiful

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  1. What?! Chocolate at breakfast isn't the norm? I thought it was the extra fifth food group when you ran out of fruit ;) Love the calendar.


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