Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Winner of the TEGU BLOCKS is...

The contest is over and the winner has won this 24 piece set of Tegu Blocks ($64.95) from MASTERMIND TOYS!!
Lucy wrote that her favoutie present was her iPad from her hubby. My dad gave me one last Christmas and it literally has changed my life and allowed me to connect with you all better. It's not as sentimental as remembering the Barbie Dream House that I got as a little girl but it's allowed me to expand Keep it Beautiful and connect with you better. So I get that it's one of her fav presents! Congratulations Lucy!
I have more giveaways coming so make sure to enter to win! You can also head over to The Ottawa Mommy Club and enter to win these awesome gifts that I've reviewed!
Thanks again to MasterMind Toys for the Tegu Blocks. Head over to their website to check out all their cool toys for the holidays and you can follow them on Twitter.
Keep it Beautiful.

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