Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Whimsy

Good Tuesday morning!

I hope you all had a great long weekend! The weather was beautiful in Ottawa so our Canada Day bash was a big success. The barbecue was going, the tunes were pumping, the bevvies were flowing and the kids were amped up on sugary drinks and fireworks.

By the look of the backyard carnage this morning, the slight headache that reminded me to take an Advil and the dirt left in both my kids beds, I would say it was a good night. I hope you all got to do what you wanted on Canada's birthday.

We didn't get to a whole lot of DIYs or design work this weekend but there are always little ways to keep things fresh.fabulous.sophisticated...

Mr. Fix-it hung up our clothesline. I had a clothesline in our last home and just loved it. Everytime I go to hang up a piece of clothing on the line, I think of my Nana. I lost my Nana in April and she was the queen of the clothesline. I have wonderful memories of toddling at her feet while she hung the clothes or sheets on her line. Back in the day, women would often catch up with one another between clotheslines as they hung their laundry to dry. There is something so comforting in the smell of fresh linen blowing on the line. LOVE.

So now, my boys will be able to sleep in freshly wind blown sheets. DOUBLE LOVE. Don't mind Mr. Giraffe there, he was having an air dry after the wash.

I found this cute idea on Pinterest...easy and definitely keeps kids occupied on a hot day. Our big guy and his buds dug for dinos...


- Bucket
- Water
- Food colouring
- Plastic toys/animals


- I filled the bucket halfway with water, added a few drops of blue food colouring and gave it a good stir.

- Dropped in a few dinos, animals and a few other plastic toys. I let that freeze for the day.

- Filled up the rest of the bucket with water and added more dinos and toys (doing it in two batches ensured that all the toys didn't sink to the bottom).

- I let it freeze overnight and VOILA... a great afternoon of dino digging! You should definitely do this if you need to keep the little ones busy.

And a little more weekend whimsy to get you inspired...

My friend Sarita took on the challenge of the No-Sew Roman Blind that I previously posted. She sent me a photo and it looks GREAT!! I love the stripes.

Also take a look at Sarita's walls...subway tile from floor to ceiling. Very chic and cool :)

Finally, one of my dearest friends, Julie sent me her whimsical soap bottle...its Mr. Honeybear turned dishsoap. When you're finished with Mr. Honeybear, put him in the microwave for a few seconds to make sure all the honey is out (Julie left her little guy in the microwave a bit long...his face was starting to wilt :), give him a rinse and fill him up with your dishsoap. It might make you smile while washing your dishes.

Keep it Beautiful.


  1. Just got caught up on your blog. Interesting read! Thanks for some neat design ideas as well as the iced coloured toy rescue activity... must give that a try. I'm thinking hot summer's day enjoying a nice crisp white wine, as I watch NaƩma go at it.... wondering if her attention span will get her to the prize???

    Happy blogging!
    Dominique :)

  2. Thanks Dominique!

    The kids loved it and it definitely allowed us to have a few drinks while they chipped away at the ice :)



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