Monday, June 11, 2012

Tip Toe Through the Garden

Do you have a green thumb? Is spending an hour, an afternoon or a day digging in the garden one of your favourite things to do? Or do you prefer to spend an hour, an afternoon or a day sitting in someone else's garden sipping a lovely Pinot Griggio?

Like home design, everyone has their own style and taste for what they like in a garden. Whether you love a "wild" garden with little intervention or a particularly manicured garden, there is something so peaceful and beautiful in greenery and flowers reaching for the sun.

Aren't these gardens lovely?

I have wonderful memories of being in the backyard of my Nana and Pappy's house and watching my Nana water her array of wild perennials with pride. I remember wondering if I would ever be taller than Nana's lilly's.

This past summer, Mr. Fix-it and I vacation in France and visited Versailles' breathtaking maze of gardens. Beautiful flowers and mancicured trees seemed to go on forever.

One of my favourite memories of the trip was having a picnic by this lovely tree and statue.

This past weekend I was visiting my parents and spent lots of time hanging out in my dad's garden (Dad is the gardener and Mum is the relaxer in the garden). Dad has a flare for beautiful garden design with each flower meticulously placed.

Not only is the garden a burst of colourful flowers but has little gems within it. Various bird houses, spotlights and painted pots from my brother and I over the years make Dad's garden a family affair.

Dad has spent over 25 years building this garden, every year with love.

My big guy loves being in Poppa's garden, smelling the flowers and searching for treasures and the garden fairy.

Last night we spent the evening celebrating my dad's birthday in the garden with some of my extended family and favourite cousins. It was lovely to eat, drink and chat "al fresco".

Beautiful design is not only found within your home, it can be trendy, traditional, french, modern, rustic, wild or perfectly manicured outside to.

You dont need to be an experienced garderner to make your backyard or front yard a beautiful space. A few annuals, a gorgeous planter and soil can be a wonderful way to start making your outside space fresh.fabulous.sophisticated. We all have to start somewhere right?

Do you have a beautiful garden to share? Any gardening tips? Would love to have you share them :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and had a chance to stop and smell the roses!

Keep it Beautiful.

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