Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plastic Bag Love

Do you have a zillion plastic grocery bags hanging around? Shoved under the sink? I know I do. I try to remember to take my canvas bags to the grocery store but often I either forget them in the house or in the trunk of the car. By the time I get into the grocery store I usually decide that paying 5 cents for a bag is easier than carting the kids back out to the car to to get them.

The plastic bags are also great for cleaning out the cat litter and for Mr. Fix-it to take his lunch to work in. However, sometimes I open up the cupboard under the sink and out falls the giant ball of plastic bags in one large lump.

I came across this great blog called A lil bird told me with an idea on how to keep your bags organized and tidy in one little spot and really, I promise it takes only a few minutes after you have put away your groceries.

These are instructions from A lil bird told me. This blog shares lots of tips and tricks in making our busy lives a little easier. Check them out :)

First, flatten your bag, then fold it in half twice. Next, start folding it in a triangular pattern, until you reach the end of your bag.

Here are my bags ready to go under the sink.

You may not do this everytime you do a grocery run but when the pile of bags starts to grow, you may decide its time to organize. It keeps them organized under the sink and its easy to do while waiting for the kettle to boil or your toast to pop.


Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. Hey - thanks! I'm definitely trying this! Lisa


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