Monday, July 8, 2013

Vote for Summer!

Hi everyone,

Yup, I've been a little MIA for the last little while.  It's summer, I'm on maternity leave and for the most part have the three kiddies with me.  So, I've hightailed it to the cottage. This is our first summer with the new cottage and so far, I'm in heaven.  My mum and I have been hanging with the kids through the week and Mr. Fix-it and my Dad and the rest of the fam have been joining us on the weekend. There is something so special about all of us having a space to come together and relax.  Well, let's be honest...with three kids to entertain I haven't exactly been sun tanning on the dock all day but it's still pretty fab.

Also, I'm no rustic kind of gal.  The cottage is a perfect combo of gorgeous and practical. It's a home on the water but if you need to run through to the kitchen when you're not completely dry, you can.

The kids are having a blast exploring and swimming and I'm in my happy place with them. 

However, my desire to create beautiful spaces is still ticking. Although my consumption of white wine has increased ;) and my stress level is at zero, there is still lots to do this summer! Yikies.

Here's the decorating to-do:

Guest Room 
Remember, it used to be our big guy's room but we did the switch-a-roo so it needs to go from little boy room to soft and calm guest room...

I'm thinking...
  • Farrow & Ball - Borrowed Light
  • Orange bedding
  • Scalloped fabric from Tonic Living as accents and seat covers
  • White curtains

Simple and clean.

Master Bedroom

Oh the Master. It's been the room we've neglected as we've focused on the rest of the house.  However, did I tell you our home is being featured on a house tour this Fall? We're very excited for it, but it means that we have lots to do, including our bedroom! Yeah! I will let you know more details about the house tour soon and what we're going to do in our bedroom. Hmm, so many possibilities.
This is what it looked like when we moved in...what we're they thinking???
Original photo to sell the house. Pink walls, blue carpet?
Mr. Fix-it begins to patch, paint and rip out carpet
  • I'm happy to say that the walls are no longer pink or the floor blue but we still have lots to do up there!
The Nursery

Now that the boys room is done we can focus on turning our little boy nursery into a pretty, girly room for our little lady. The furniture is white, but I'm thinking of doing a little DIY to the dresser because the top of it is a little scratched. I've had these paint chits on her walls for the past few weeks trying to decide on a perfect pink.  Pink is a tricky colour to pick.

Here is what I'm thinking...
  • Benjamin Moore - Ballerina Pink
  • Skip Hop Lattice Crib Sheet
  • Gold Polka Dot Decals for the crib wall
  • Light Brown Shag Rug
  • A little DIY dresser love

Other TO-DOs...

  • the kitchen backsplash. Remember when the new countertop was installed? It left a gap between the countertop and the backsplash. Grrr....
  • we're having the backsplash redone using subway tile again but this time, I think I'm going to do it in a herringbone pattern. Swoon! Maybe with light grey grout? Double Swoon!
  • Front porch - it needs to be sanded and repainted, along with the columns. Ugh. Mr. Fix-it already started sanding it while I've been summer lovin' it up at the lake. Thank God for Mr. Fix-it!
  • Oh, and there are a couple little projects that Mum and I have started and have in mind for the cottage this summer that I will definitely share with you. Mum is stripping wallpaper in the bathroom as we speak...that has to be one of the worst jobs out there! However, the result of fresh paint is always fresh.fabulous.sophisticated.
  • So that's all the big projects that need to be done before the Fall. I'm slightly worried about timing but WE.CAN.DO.IT! However, trying to pull myself away from this...and head back to the city is going to be the challenge!

Keep it Beautiful.

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