Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wave Your Flag, Eh!

Hey guys!

Happy summer! Hard to believe it's already mid July?! Why can't winter fly by so quickly? The weather has been amazing eh? Although our poor boat at the cottage is floating in the bare minimum level of water because of the lack of rain, they (although I'm not exactly sure who "they" are) just keep draining our lake to feed the other lakes. So, while I'm not hoping for rain, I kind of am...well at least for the nights. It can rain all night if it wants, with gorgeous blue skies for the day :)

What did you guys do for Canada Day? Most of you know that Mr. Fix-It and I got married on Canada Day and this year we celebrated 11 years :) Feels like yesterday. I always wear my veil on our anni ;)

We usually celebrate our anniversary up at the cottage with lots of family and friends around us and of course, fireworks :) This year we had a weekend of Canada Day fun with a day of red and white
and a day of party hopping...actually it was called a "cottage crawl". Super fun! Each cottage had to have a theme and a theme drink. We cottage hopped and ended at our cottage for dinner, music and fun. 

All I know is that Canada Day weekend is about being with people you love to celebrate our fabulous country. Along with the weekend-long parties came very happy but over-tired kiddies. They definitely needed downtime from all the busyness and so, of course, Netflix to the rescue!! 

Seeing how everyone thinks of Canada Day during the month of July, I thought I would share a few awesome shows that have Canadian linkages. Along with maple syrup and Canadian back bacon, we have some incredible talent in front and behind the camera. These are some Netflix shows that were either created in, or feature talent from the Great White North.

The Magic School Bus is one of our kids' fav shows. They have learned so much from this show!!

Super Why encourages your kids to read. WIN WIN

If you haven't seen this movie yet, it's REALLY good! And has some gorg eye candy in it ;)

This show is HILARIOUS! H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

So that's that. Canadian talent streamed into your living room. Summer is all about enjoying the gorgeous weather but we all need downtime. Sometimes on the hottest days its best to head down to the basement, cool off and chillax with a little screen love.

Oh and one more awesome thing. Star Wars: The Fore Awakens is now on Netflix. So cool. My kids are pumped! I'm not sure for certain who the Canadian connection is BUT I'm sure one of the million people that have probably worked on this show is Canadian ;) and I just thought you want to know that it's available on Netflix now. Plus, here's a cute recipe to make these adorable "Wookiee" cookies!

You know me, I'm here and there in the summer. Catch you guys soon. I've got some great ideas coming your way. But first, I'm going on vacation!

Keep it Beautiful.

*Disclosure: Again, you all know that I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team and every month I share my fav shows with you. Netflix is awesome and I know you love it too, so I'm just spreading the love  in my own words with you.

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