Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Night In!

What’s your favourite way to do movie night? Do you make a delicious meal? Order in? Lights on? Lights off?

Movie night is one of our favourite parts of the week. It’s a time to relax, chill and literally do nothing. We usually have our movie night on Friday. It’s the end of the week, we’re all tired of the busyness and just want to veg.  We pick the kids up after work, either go through the McDonald’s drive-thru with them (gasp! They love it. Go ahead, judge me. You can’t say you don’t love the taste of McD’s fries!) or we make homemade pizza. If we’re making pizza, I usually make the dough on Thursday night so it has lots of time to rise and get all happy. The kids love to roll, smash and mush that dough.  How cute are those adorable chubby fingers?
 I’ve been using this recipe for years now and it’s easy peasy if you’re looking for one. Yum!

We turn off the lights, get under the blankets and all watch whatever Netflix movie or shows the kids have picked.  Sometimes, okay usually, it takes the kids awhile to agree on what we’re going to watch. We’ve started to give them turns each week to pick the movies. However, this Friday it’s Mummys’ choice and I’ve decided that we’re all watching “Fuller House”. Yes, yes, yes! Kimmy Gibbler! Fuller House is making it's debut this Friday Feb 26th! As part of the Netflix Stream Team, I’ve had a chance to see a few sneak peak preview episodes and it doesn’t disappoint. 

Think your family might want something else? My kids are obsessed with Inside Out right now. It’s adorable. It came out this month and my kids are obsessed. When the kids go to bed, Mr. Fix-It and I either make something yummy with lots of calories  Isn’t that what you want on a Friday night? Either a yummy big pasta, or a cheesy topped pizza with the homemade dough. Or, we order in something equally delicious.  This upcoming movie night we’ve got Better Call Saul on our list
and continuing on our Mad Men binge.  It’s so good. Oh and Mr. Fix-It is binging on Weeds and I just finished one of my favs… Downton Abbey. Yes! Have fun watching Fuller House this weekend! You can also check out TV Time for the Fam that has other Fuller House-inspired title collections.

 Keep it Beautiful.

*You all know I’m part of the Netflix StreamTeam. You love Netflix, I love Netflix and I love getting the opportunity to let you know what’s on every month. Thanks for supporting the brands here that help support this blog.


  1. Fridays are our night for nachos and Netflix! We love having this night to look forward to at the end of the week - it has to be something pretty major to drag us away from our little routine! We're always looking for new shows... we've been know to binge, and before you know it we need a new show! Thanks for giving out a few names of some we haven't yet seen!

  2. Woo hoo for Netflix - we have it on here a couple nights a week. I'm going to check out Fuller House too, I remember the original so well!! Thanks for your dough recipe.

  3. Friday used to be homemade pizza night at our house when our son was still living at home. I looked forward to it every week! Now we usually go out for a nice dinner and come home and watch one of the series we're in to at the moment. Currently it's Suits.


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