Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keep It Beautiful Gets A Makeover + Soups On!

Hey everyone! Wow it's chilly in Ottawa today. Super cold! Bring on the down coats and furry hats.

Soooo, whatcha think? Keep It Beautiful has had a makeover! Like it? I wanted something fresh and clean. A new start for the blog for a new year. It still has kinks that I'm working on but wanted to show you what it's looking like so that I can still do blog posts as I'm working on the site in the background. You'll see that I added a new menu bar at the top with drop down buttons. However, you'll also see that when you click on them...there's nothing there yet. This is what I'm working on. My total lack of techy knowledge is what's holding me back on how to get these links to work. I'll get it figured out but bear with me! BTW, if you have a website that needs an update, I would be happy to recommend the company I used.

In the meantime, it's Wednesday Yummies! Here is a yummy soup that is delish, super healthy, filling and you can double the recipe to make alot! Win! Win!

Lentil Tomato & Kale Soup

I've been making this soup for years but just recently decided to add chopped kale in there. I chopped it up oh-so-tiny.

Soups On!

Keep it Beautiful.


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