Friday, November 28, 2014

Fabulous Friday!

Happy fabulous Friday!

Hard to believe that Monday is December 1st! I'm reminding you here...don't forget your Elf on the Shelf!! Do you have your elf buried in the Christmas box? Stuffed in the cupboard? Here's where our elf has been hanging all my sock drawer! Sorry for the grainy photo, it's dark in that drawer.
 Random and no idea why it's there, but I'm reminded every time I go to look for socks. Mary (that's her name), peeks out at me...reminding me that I can't forget to bring her out this Sunday in anticipation of her arrival Monday morning. Honestly, haven't we all been here so many times?
There are some amazing elf ideas out there. You can check out my Pinterest board that I've created for ideas.
Also, it's Advent Calendar time. Along with the chocolate calendars, you can make your own. They're easy and the kids love them. Here is an idea that I did last year. I'm definitely whipping out those linen bags again this year!
Last weekend, my kiddies donned their Santa hats and decorated my parent's Christmas tree. Cute eh?
You can't rock around the Christmas tree without any holiday music love. We're loving our Bluetooth speaker right now. It's small, packs awesome sound, has awesome distance and so easy to work. It's not officially part of my gift guide but it's an awesome product that I wanted to let you know about it in case you're looking for a super cool gadget to give. Ours is the Monster Superstar High Definition.

Speaking of rockin' around the tree. Here's a playlist with some of our favs for your #soundsoftheholidays

Next week I have another gift guide giveaway. Think snow, think speed, think toy, think fun!
Also, don't forget to enter in to my current giveaways. Only days left to enter!!
Have you decorated your tree yet? I noticed some of the tree lots had their trees in. Yeah baby!
Have a great weekend friends.
Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. Amazing! I love Le Nordik! My favourite time of year to go is December, when there's a light snow falling and your cheeks get rosy from the cool air while your *other* cheeks are nice and toasty from the warm baths! :)


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