Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Mantle Goes Summer!

Hey everyone!

How was your Canada Day? I took Monday off from the office for an extra long weekend. We had a big party at the cottage with lots of family and friends. We had a blast, played a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot and partied a lot. Many of the adults stayed up into the wee hours. Yup, just call me a rebel ;) I think I pickled myself by staying in the hot tub all night! Good times.

With the hot weather here, our mantle décor needed a pick-me-up. You know how much I love the beach, the sand, the lake, the cottage and anything white. I collected a few things from around the  house, re-arranged them and voila...a summer mantle.
That shell came from my parents' garden. I snagged it before they moved. I love that it's been outside and all weathered. The white milk glass vase was my Nana's and I found the beige piece of coral on one of our sunny trips South. The grey coral is a fake and I found it hanging on the shelves of HomeSense a couple of years ago.

The house needed a few extra touches of fresh, summery love...
I picked up this green topiary at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in May. It found a perfect home in my Pottery Barn vase in front of the mirror in the breakfast room.
My Dad made this sailboat tray in shop class when he was a kid. Makes for a little summer vignette.  Remember, think in odd numbers when grouping items together.

I picked up this cool bowl made of sticks. It looks very au natural and nautical. Makes for a perfect centerpiece on the dining room table. How easy is that?

These milk glasses were also my Nana's. They add a little summer whimsy to our kitchen sink window. And, of course, "life is better at the lake".

Look around your home. I know you have items tucked into cupboards, down in the basement or arranged in a different way that can be transformed into fresh.fabulous.sophisticated summer décor.

Keep It Beautiful.


  1. This all looks so great - and you make it sound easy! Where is your mirror with the wavy frame from? It's gorgeous!!

  2. Alicia, you hot-tubbin-rebel, this is a great vignette. I love all the spots you beach-ified. And you've totally inspired me to bring out some of my forgotten beach items; like the silver starfish I see we have twins of. Enjoy your short back-to-work week!


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