Monday, May 28, 2012

Treasure Hunt

The Great Glebe Garage Sale...aka The-Great-Treasure-Hunt was this past Saturday May 26th. Like I said in a previous post, its one of my favourite events of the year where thousands of people walk the streets of the Glebe hunting for gems and diamonds-in-the-rough.

Not only do you see people walking the streets before the sun rises, there are also folks who rent a space for their stuff and camp out the night before to "guard" it. Crazy!

The weather was beautiful with lots of sunshine. Normally I walk the sale for hours looking for treasures, but this year I was only out for a little bit as I was running in a race on Sunday and didn't want my feet to be too angry with me.

However, I did find a great lantern for the patio, a few toys for the kids and a free belt from my girlfriend Isabelle ;)

Here are some photos of the great day:

Just because someone else has owned something doesn't mean that it can't be Fresh.Fabulous.Sophisticated in your house!

Keep it Beautiful.

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