Friday, April 25, 2014

Fresh.Fabulous.Sophisticated for Spring!

Hey everyone,
TGIF!  Spring is here.! I’m declaring it. I’ve been browsing through the Wicker Emporium website and looking for some great ways to freshen up my house. I’m a guest blogger Wicker Emporium and have created a post on ways to freshen up your home. Adding touches here and there is a great way to get rid of the winter blues and add some oh-so fabulous looks.

All the items that you see here on my mood board are from the Wicker Emporium and you can find them on their website or by heading into their stores.

1.      Baskets
Baskets are one of my go-to items for not only keeping things organized but I also use them to finish off a space in a room that needs “something”. For example, the space underneath a hall table is fabulous for baskets. It allows you to store items such as hats and the dog leash, as well as, gives the space dimension and texture. 

Baskets also work beautifully in your linen closet. Instead of stacking your folded sheet sets on top of one another, place them in a basket. They’ll stay organized and the clean lines of the basket will make your drab linen closet look great.

I also love using baskets in kids’ rooms for storage. Often times there is a lot going on in kids’ rooms so if you want to use multi-coloured baskets, I suggest staying with the same textures. This will create cohesion.

2.     Mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Mirrors aren’t just for checking out your outfit before you leave the door. Mirrors are a great way to freshen up your space, create depth and bring light in.  Oversized mirrors in a small space are one of my favourite ways to freshen a space….total impact!  Grouping a number of small mirrors on a wall is also a great way to add character to a space.

3.     Rugs
Rugs are a great way to freshen a space.  It is amazing what a fresh new rug can do to a room when you’re used to looking at a wooden floor. Rugs add depth and when done properly, can make your room look larger. Tip: if you are looking for an area rug, make sure all your furniture is touching a piece of it.

Rugs can also add impact in small spaces.  Try adding a bright new rug to your front hallway or in the kitchen under the sink area. This is a great way to add colour and bring spring indoors.
4.     Lighting
One of the things I tell my clients, is to plan for fabulous lighting. Lighting is like jewelry on a fabulous outfit. The jewelry either makes the outfit stand out or ties it all together. Your lighting can define and set the stage for the room or it can bring the elements of d├ęcor together. 

5.     Trays
I love a beautiful tray. Gone are the days where trays were only used for serving your guests or if you’re really lucky, getting breakfast-in-bed. Think about placing a gorgeous tray on your coffee table and stacking a few fabulous “coffee table” books and a small bud vase filled with tulips. Trays also look really great for creating a “coffee bar”. Keep your sugar and mugs on a tray. I guarantee you’ll love the extra dimension.

Spring is here and it’s time to open those windows and add some easy, fresh dimensions to your home to create a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated space.
Keep it Beautiful.

**Yes, this post has been sponsored, but as you know, I only talk about things I love and think you would love to**

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