Monday, September 9, 2013

A Table for the Minis - DIY

Hey everyone!

In honour of last week's start of school, I thought I would share with you a DIY for our kiddies.  We had this mini table and chairs in the playroom.  I picked it up at a garage sale a few years ago for $10 and you can tell it's been well used in our playroom! I think you can buy it new at Ikea.
***Yup, we took this picture last winter**

The playroom was feeling a little tight with the table in there and we wanted to put it in the kitchen for the boys to use when they have their snack or drink of juice.  The table was perfect but UGLY. So, how do you get all that paint and stains off? Enter in a DIY!

Mr. Fix-it got out his sander and took the finish and the stains off the top of the table and the the snow. While easy, we started this DIY in the winter and finished it this summer. HA!

Nice and clean...

So, then the clean table and chairs went down to the basement and we sort of forgot about them.  However, they found their way up into the kitchen and Mr. Fix-it painted the legs Benjamin Moore- Cloud White (yup, you know it's my fav) and Benjamin Moore - Stonington Grey (this is the colour of our living room and the boys bedroom).  It matches the kitchen real purty ;)  Oh and a little "safe-food-friendly" verathane on the top to keep the scratches away.

VOILA! A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated spot for our boys to have their snacks at AND it looks pretty in the kitchen. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Keep it Beautiful.

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