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Kids Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to our big guy...Happy Birthday to you!

A couple of weeks ago our big guy turned 4! Four is definitely an age that they "get" their birthday and want to celebrate with their friends. Birthday parties can be as small as celebrating with your immediate family or with hundreds of people...have you seen "My Big Sweet 16 Birthday" tv show? Its crazyness.

There is something about having kids parties at home that I love. My parents always did a great job at my brother and my birthday parties and having it at home just felt special.

With the internet and Pinterest, your birthday party options are endless!! Here are some ideas for your kids...

- super hero party
- princess or prince party
- pirate party
- bug hunt party
- sesame street party
- slumber party
- girls/boys rule party
- beach party
- favourite character party
- ballerina party
- cowboy party
- spa party
- cookie decorating party
- firetruck party
- dance party
- luau party
- t-shirt decorating party
- jungle party
- dinosaur party
- star wars party
- sports party

HONESTLY...the list can go on and on!!!

I like to have a theme to the birthday...I find it makes things easy when planning. The theme could be as simple as coordinated colours.

This year, our big guy wanted a "Carnival" party. So, out when the invites...I ordered the printable version from Etsy and printed them out at Staples. It was fun for our big guy to drop them off at his friend's houses.

These are the sample templates that I ordered from:

The big day arrived and my parents were here to to celebrate their "Bubby's" birthday and helped us out immensly.

Birthdays dont have to be complicated for kids to have fun...

We gave each child a bucket when they arrived. After each game they played, they got a prize and kept them in their buckets. There were five games and a "candy toss" (this is something that my mum did at my birthday as a kid). Essentially I had a basket full of candy and threw it up in the air all over the backyard and the kids ran to catch the candy and collect them in their buckets. In the end, they had prizes and candy = lootbag.

Clearly my signs aren't fancy. If you're looking for professional signs, has tons that you can order for your party....

For our big guy's 3rd birthday he had a "pirate" theme....

For his 2nd birthday, it was a "fire truck" theme....

For his 1st birthday, "elmo" was the man....

A good tip to remember is, if you have a child that's born in the late Spring or Summer...great for having outside parties...BUT be prepared if it rains. For our big guy's third birthday, it rained and I had invited so many kids and parents that our house was packed to the gills and totally crazy.

So, this year I narrowed down the invites to 10 (plus parents), just in case it rained and we had to move it inside. dont always have to make the birthday cake but if you're up for the challenge, it really isn't hard (unless you want it to look like a professional job, you may want to stick to the professionals). The internet has tons of cool ideas that you can do!!!

Loot a kid, this is one of the best parts of the party. There are lots of ways to create cute lootbags without filling them with junk that parents dread bringing home. The party store has a TON of cute little gizmos. For example, if you're having a party at the beginning of the summer, why not use a sand bucket to hold the loot bag stuff? This way the kids will be able to use the bucket for the summer.

...remember that this is a birthday party for kids, so think about what they would want to eat. Any parents that are there to help out or hang out will likely eat what you're serving. Pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, chips, veggies and fruit are usually good options. We always have beer and wine on hand to help keep the parents sane ;)

Throwing a birthday party at home is fun and personal. There is definitely a time and a place to send the kids to the movies for a party or head to the bowling alley (especially if your kids are born in the winter!!). If all else fails, whether you're celebrating with family or friends, blow up a ton of balloons and VOILA...instant party space!!

Keep it Beautiful.

Happy Weekend,

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  1. Love home parties! They are the exception these days!
    A kid at Calvin's home party said "how are we all getting to the party?" I said "this is the party!" And we had SO much fun at our home and at the park with 10 8 year old boys! It took planning and our enthusiasm, but it rocked!

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  3. You did everything at kids birthday party Boca Raton at your best. A kid wants to enjoy the party with their friends at the age of 4 or plus.


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