Tuesday, September 11, 2012

House Tour Preview

The Glebe House Tour is coming up this weekend (Sunday September 16th) and I had an opportunity to take a sneak peak in one of the homes on the tour. I was invited into an eclectic home where the family has fused old and new.

Built around the turn of the century, the current owners did some modernizing when they took possession two years ago, including refinishing the hardwood floors with an eco-friendly matte finish, painting the house throughout with Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White and overhauling lighting and wiring the house for sound – true music lovers! The kitchen was completely renovated, along with other touches throughout the home and their love of art can be seen in each room.

Something I thought was a cool idea, is they painted the doors the same colour on each floor (grey on the main floor, chartreuse on the second floor, and cobalt blue on the third). The use of these bright colours added vibrancy and depth against the white walls.

Dining Room

To me, the highlight of this room was the gorgeous original ceiling beams. The owners drywalled in between them which creates a smooth finish. Beautiful.

The chandelier is also a show piece. Its from an Italian designer and the light is called “The Sky Garden”...see how the inside of the light is so detailed? It reflects beautifully.

Living Room

The insert fireplace is gorgeous. Its detail and marble surround is one of the show stoppers in the room.


The kitchen is lovely. Ikea cabinets meet gorgeous granite countertops and backsplash. The sink...ooh la la...its huge and deep. I'm a big believer in having an oversized sink in your kitchen. In my mind, its a really good investment when renovating. You're always using the sink and in this home, the owners purchased a cover piece that can sit over the sink for extra counter space.

Check out this faucet by Kohler...its like jewellry.

Upstairs the stereo system continues throughout. The owners love music so their Bang & Olufsen stereo system is state of the art and balances the music beautifully. In most of the rooms there is this cool little gadget on the walls. One little touch and instant music :)

The den is an eclectic combination of built-in bookcases, old meets new furniture and artwork by a Montreal artist. I really like the rug by NYC designer Madeline Weinrib.

The baby's nursery was super cute and I liked how the owners combined patterns and colours. This urban feel wallpaper is both cool and adorable against the mobile...

Thank you so much to the home owners for letting me explore their home. This is just a sneak peak, so if you're in Ottawa, make sure to get your Glebe House Tour tickets today! I'll be volunteering at one of the homes. Its a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, in one of Ottawa's most beautiful neighbourhoods, you're sure to be inspired by the designs and I know you'll see some fresh.fabulous.sophisticated homes.

Have a great day!

Keep it Beautiful,


  1. thanks so much for highlighting this home and the glebe house your on your blog. you really captured, beautifully, all the things that make this home special. thanks again.

    suzanne mccarthy
    chair, glebe house tour committee

  2. that should read, "... for highlighting this home and the glebe house tour."


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