Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY - Tray

Happy Monday everyone!

I have this white Pottery Barn tray that is my "go-to" for transporting food from inside to outside, carrying drinks to guests, bringing breaky-in-bed to Mr. Fix-it once or twice...okay I don't think I've actually used it for that, BUT maybe one day? As well as, the tray that often has a home on our dining room or coffee table as the base for a vignette.

However, it has started to show its wear the last little while and needed some TLC. My nana gave me this fab tray for a wedding shower, so I just couldn't bear to part with it. So in comes another...DIY!

Here is my well used tray, you can see it was starting to chip:


- Tray
- Spray Paint (the tray is acrylic so I used Krylon Spray Paint for Plastic in Glossy White)
- Plexiglass or glass
- Fabric

1. You may not have to spray your tray if it isn't showing signs of wear, but mine needed a little touch-up. It was so hot out this weekend that it was dry in nano seconds.

2. Tray in hand, I took a walk down with my little guy to my local hardware store and asked the guys there to cut a piece of plexiglass to fit inside the bottom of the tray.

3. Next, I cut a piece of leftover fabric that I had from the DIY NO-Sew Roman Blinds to also fit inside the bottom of the tray.

4. Mr. Fix-it was ironing his shirts for the office, so he nicely ironed my fabric. What a nice guy!

5. The last step was to put it together. I placed the fabric down on the bottom of the tray, laid the plexiglass overtop and VOILA...a fresh.fabulous.sophisticated reinvented tray that can continue to serve guests as well as look fab on my coffee table.

I think I'll switch up the fabric with cute holiday paper at Christmas time or when the seasons change? Hmmm...limitless options.

Mr. Fix-it suggests that we add a small amount of sealant around the edges so that water wont get under the plexiglass and ruin the fabric. He says its really easy to peel it away when you want to change out the fabric. Thanks for the good tip Mr. Fix-it!

Try this out. I know you must have a tray hanging around your house that needs a little pick me up!

Keep it Beautiful.

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  1. It turned out so elegant looking! Definitely an easy project to do, and I love that you worked it so you can change it up with the seasons...or if you just get bored and need a change.
    Debbie :)


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