Sunday, December 4, 2016


Hey! Happy December! Crazy eh? Done any shopping for the holidays? We've done a little bit here, and shopping online more than we ever have. The online deals are awesome and working full time, it's hard to get out to the mall. Who wants to be out shopping at 10pm when I can do it in my jammies with a glass of vino. Yes please.

I have a really cool gift idea to share with you AND stay tuned till the end because I'm going to share a wicked giveaway and a discount. You're welcome.

So, you've probably seen the "monthly subscription" gifts take-off in the last little while. I've known about the monthly wine subscriptions and beauty boxes that arrive in a pretty box every month but the world of "receiving a surprise in the mail" each month has exploded. From healthy food to home decor boxes, one day a month you can receive a gem in the mail. My new fav is Sock Fancy
Yup, a monthly sock subscription. Are you a sock lover? Mr. Fix-It is a sock fanatic. FANATIC. For real, I haven't seen him wear a plain black pair of socks in the last few years. Socks, especially for men, have upped their game. The colour and pattern of socks can totally make their outfit. 

My fav is when I'm in the office, seeing men wearing a really nice suit with the coolest socks peeking out. These days, the flashier, the brighter the socks...the better the whole package looks. 

I remember being at a wedding and seeing the father-of-the-groom wearing a rather traditional dark grey suit and when he sat down, out peeked fuchsia pink socks with dark grey polka dots. AWESOME. 

Here's how it works. You either choose to give the gift, or give your own sock drawer a makeover. Then choose your sock size, subscription length and they do the rest. Each month, you know you'll get a sock delivery but what they look like is up to Sock Fancy. The guys who created the company know how cool socks can up your game so the socks you get will always be awesome. 

They have women and men's socks which is great, but for sure they seem to focus more on the guys side. Mr. Fix-It has been rocking out with his socks out! What an awesome Christmas present eh? Add this to your list for sure.

Now the best part. Sock Fancy is giving away a 6 month subscription. WHAT!! And a 10% discount until December 31st if you use the coupon code: BEAUTIFUL16

What a fantastic holiday gift! Don't forget to enter!!
Sock Fancy

I'm really glad these guys reached out to me. I hadn't heard of a monthly sock subscription and I'm glad I got to share this cool idea with you. 

Keep it Beautiful.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sock Fancy. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog alive. As always, I only share and promote brands that I believe in and have tried for myself.


  1. this would be such fun - I love getting mail, and socks are a great way to express one self :D thanks for the chance to win!

  2. These look so fun!

    billiondollarprincesss @

  3. Sometimes it's the little things that make you smile the most....

  4. This is really interesting and neat.

  5. Hottie socks for Hottie Dads xo

  6. my hubby loves unique socks. He would be all over this

  7. This would be really fun! Fun socks make me smile. I am currently wearing socks with pandas on them.

  8. I am on your page. Love a classic suit with a hint of funk ~ and socks do the trick. Buh bye solid navy socks. xo

  9. Such a fun gift to receive... And even more fun to receive month after month!

  10. I tend towards a subdued wardrobe but LOVE fun socks! :D

  11. love fun coloured socks! i think men love it even more!

  12. funky socks make you think maybe he has pretty feet under there;)

  13. I love these socks. Theyre really cute.


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