Tuesday, September 27, 2016


As we've gotten closer to trading in our flip flops for boots and ice cappuccinos for pumpkin spice lattes, we tend to stay inside a little more. Fridays are typically "family movie" night in our house where we usually order McDonald's for the kids, get in our pjs, head down to the basement and get cozy with a movie. It's become something that we all look forward to and wind down a busy week. However with summer, it became a bit sporadic. So last week it was time to reboot it.

A new movie that's just out this month on Netflix is Zootopia. Heard of it? If not, I bet your kids have. My kiddies didn't see it in the theatre so last Friday it was on the movie night menu. It also played Saturday and Sunday!?
I felt like this month has been so busy with the start of school. Back to routine, back to lunch making and back to homework...we just wanted to hide in the basement with the kids and decompress. Have you felt that way? 

Our big guy was at a sleepover so it was us and the minis. 
Armed with popcorn, snacks and a fun new BINGO game to play during the movie, family movie night had been rebooted.You can download the game here. It's easy to use - just print a card for each family member and try to spot the things or actions which commonly happen in movies (i.e. magic, crying, shopping etc.). Mark off your squares and the first one to get BINGO wins! You can also create your own show specific bingo card using the blank template.

Another one the kids said they want to watch is Treasure Planet

Late night movie night for Mr. Fix-It and I was on also. Here are some new shows this month:

Yes...Narcos - Season 2

Amanda Knoxx documentary - I will totally be watching this! Remember when this all happened? Craziness.

Mr. Fix-It is marathoning The Fall and The Last Ship

Keep it Beautiful.
Disclosure: I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team and as always, everything you read here are my words and opinions. 

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