Thursday, May 26, 2016

Al Fresco At Last! Summer Dining

Hey guys! Thanks for giving me a little grace while I've started up my new gig. I've been working hard, listening, learning and rockin' those heels. Last weekend was a welcomed break and the holiday on Monday was a sweet treat. My American friends, your long weekend is coming up. Woot! 

Can we talk patio season? It's officially here! Heaven. My parents took the kids up to the cottage for a couple days last weekend while Mr. Fix-It and I did some gardening and got the yard ready for this fab warm weather. It's always a sweet treat to be alone together. We get so much done and get to hang out...just the two of us. 

I've let you know about my love affair with before and thrilled to be partnering with them to bring you inspiration to kick up your patio love and dine al fresco. Finally, outdoor eating has arrived. 

So, with the kids being away, we took full advantage of the warm weather.

Creating a beautiful table is really easy in the summer with all the fresh flowers and greenery around you.

While I was at the garden centre buying flowers, I picked up a few loose floral stems they were selling by the cash. A little water, a couple of my Nana's glass milk containers and a mini blue vase for a pop of colour = centrepiece!

The hostas in the backyard are already massive. Holy cow those plants are hearty. I clipped off a couple of the leaves, and wrote our names with a gold pen for an easy place setting. Cute eh? 

I really like the idea of mixing plastic with your regular dishes. Why not? I like how the gold paired with the green. So fresh. You can find similar cutlery and shop Wayfair's dinnerware for gorg dishes and glasses. 

It's also a good idea to pick up a couple packages of napkins and why not add some matching straws. That way you'll have them on hand to whip up a beautiful and quick outdoor table in a pinch. A delicious gin & tonic is always good too :)

As your gardens continue to bloom over the summer, use those gorgeous flowers to create your centrepieces.

I'm so thrilled that has come to Canada. They sell pretty much everything, have insanely good prices, are right on trend, amazing customer service and free shipping to Canada. Yes! 

I hope this inspires you to dine al fresco this weekend! Cheers to long days and warm summer nights. 

Keep it Beautiful.

This post was sponsored by Everything you've read are my words. I'm in love with and want to spread the love with you.

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